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Open Letter to a Pirate

Dear VJ (Not his real name because he is hiding behind a pseudonym), A pirate is a pirate, no matter how you paint him. As long as you take other people’s printed material, duplicate it and sell it, you cannot use the “public domain” excuse to defend yourself. Your long and pitiful justification only serves […]

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Choosing A Mentor/Teacher/Coach/Guru?

I don’t envy the people who have to make the choice of picking an investment mentor today. Everyday, in every publication, we find ad after ad screaming ‘success’ and ‘profits’ and ‘make money’, with testimonials of massive profits and extraordinary percentage margins. And here you are, with not a lot of money to afford attending […]

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The world is losing it.

Has the world gone mad? Has Mother Nature decided to weigh in on our man-made crisis and what’s next? In Jawa Timor, people are killing themselves over S$6 simply because unthinking rich businessmen think they’re doing their community a favor by dolling out dollars as tithes during Ramadan. The poor will crowd the businessman’s front […]

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Another bloody pirate!

Another pirate beggin to get sued. All he did was design a new cover but still ripped off my taglines including the Options, Stocks, Futures … complete with dots between. I also know which set he pirated – my second batch, printed in Jakarta, which was rejected because of errors. Holders of the real Pattern […]

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What it means to teach

And this is why I love teaching. —– Original Message —- From: Justin Teo <> To: Conrad Alvin Lim Sent: Monday, September 8, 2008 4:15:14 PM Subject: Re: Thanks a mill!!!!! Just to share with you something you would be proud of. Couple of days ago during a casual meeting of friends, I met a […]

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How many times have you heard someone lament about “his lot in life” or that “fate dealt an unfair hand”? How many times have you been guilty of it yourself? How often do you hear about people resigning themselves to their “destiny” of mediocrity and strife? Most commonly, I am sure all of us have […]