Another bloody pirate!

Another pirate beggin to get sued.

pirate1.jpg pirate2.jpg

All he did was design a new cover but still ripped off my taglines including the Options, Stocks, Futures … complete with dots between. I also know which set he pirated – my second batch, printed in Jakarta, which was rejected because of errors. Holders of the real Pattern Trader Candlestick Patterns Quick Reference Cards will remember that I recalled all the wrong sets and replaced them with brand new correct prints. This clown pirated the one with the mistakes. Plus, he also included my patented Long Dawn Line and Short Dusk Line, not knowing that I am the only person who has those patterns.

This cheeky bugger even ripped off the following sites for his “teaching” material, which he claims are all his original ideas and that his “Sifu” already died and passed on all this info to him;


He is so lazy that he didn’t even edit his “teaching” materials and simply copied and pasted the stuff complete with visited and unvisited links. This guy is unreal. We’ve found out his REAL name (Ferry Abdul Jamal … not vier jamal) and home address. He doesn’t even have a decent business set up. So students who feel cheated and website (victim) managers don’t know where to go to get their money back or send their law suits. I’m sure I’ll make a lot of money selling this info to those who want a piece of him.

Oh yeah, … my office is taking legal action all right. I can’t stand pirates.

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