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The best testimonials are the ones from those who have benefited from your contributions to them over the years. It is always very gratifying to hear that my students have grown, improved and become better over the years since they came to the Tutorial. I live to change people’s lives through what I teach and […]


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Testimonial 19 Sep 2014

It always makes my day when someone takes the effort to make an acknowledgement to help me inspire other to do the same … Well done, Chow Yong. Remember to stay grounded and not let greed and impatience get the better of you. Success comes to those who work at it the hardest and believe […]


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I am a Bear

I have been accused of being bearish. People have told me that I publish nothing but bad news and bearish outlooks. Some even berate me for being too bearish and scary. But I am a Bear! Its like accusing me of being male and publishing male-related things and being too manly. Well that’s because I […]


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Monthly Sector Report: Pharmaceuticals

With the market looking extremely toppy, you might want to consider some safety in defensive stocks. And there is none more defensive than Big Pharma. Its been three years since we last featured this sector and given the current market, macroeconomics and geopolitical environments, it is timely that we revisit this recession-proof sector. Get your […]