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This three-minute Academy Award winner for Best Animated Movie is not just about a great piece of entertainment. It has so many deeper lying messages but one clear lesson …

It is all too easy to judge and be selfish when we don’t have the bigger picture. We then justify our judgements with our own selfish reasons.

But if we just took a little effort to look deeper, the bigger picture is always going to make the short-sighted judge look and feel like a fool … a selfish fool.

I’ve learnt to be less judgemental since I took on the role of teaching. My students come from all walks of life with various needs and varying objectives. Some come to class dressed like scallywags but are actually pilots, doctors and high-networth individuals. Others come dressed to impress but are in reality, fighting to stay financially afloat.

Some learn quickly but can’t apply as quickly while others take a longer time to learn but eventually become more efficient and proficient than the fast learners.

Then you will get those who struggle and struggle that you’d quickly deem as “stupid” or “slow” when in fact, they’re not … they simply conceptualise things differently, process things differently or even get bogged down with something I didn’t consider – they are not technically savvy so they struggle with their computers and nothing else.

It is for this reason that I’ve become less judgmental and live life from a different perspective today – I GIVE;

In short, just do GOOD DEEDS instead of judging. Regardless of what an asshole the other person might seem to be, without knowing their side of the story, don’t judge … GIVE … and you can keep it simple by just doing a good deed of not judging.

Have a lovely weekend. Forgive, Give and be Happy that you’re not a judgemental asshole. You’ll find life more beautiful when you do.

Enjoy the video. Share it with your kids and teach them something good today.


Happy Easter, Everyone!!

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