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A New Trading Record!

Between the months of March and April 2007, I became rather conservative about taking on too many positions as the market recovered from Shanghai Surprise (Feb 27) and Terrible Tuesday (March Mar 6). My account had taken a big hit so I became cautious in the months to follow. I was also overly cautious during […]


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Congratulations to WA Woosh05!

My heartiest Congratulations to the latest Graduates of Wealth Academy!! It was indeed my pleasure to have had the honor of hosting and sharing with you during the 4 days between 26 to 29 July 2007. The friendships and camaraderie that were formed during these days are only the beginning of a long journey for […]


Wealth Academy July 2007

Its coming around again! This 26 to 29 July will see me co-run my second Wealth Academy Camp beside Adam and if my first camp was anything to go by, this second one is going to rock some people’s worlds and change most of their lives, more than the previous one did. Wealth Academy from […]


Look for an Excuse Not to Trade

In an earlier chapter, I mentioned the importance of trading defensively. I made comparisons to how we live our lives, always in defense of what we own, possess and love. Lets put this concept under the microscope and take a close look at how we can use this mindset in trading. As we discover our […]