Pattern Trader Tutorial 10th Edition 2019 Syllabus

The Pattern Trader Tutorial for Singapore in 2019 :

PTT10thCoverThe Tutorial is in its 10th Edition w.e.f August 2017. Also new to the Tutorial is a comprehensive “Gift Pack” of tools and support goodies to the help  the Participants with their homework and assignments complete with references and work samples.

There will be more than 50 hours of Tutorials. Thereafter, graduates of the Tutorial will be given four Post Graduate Assignments to manage. Those who need extra hands-on help can get it with our Post Graduate Tutelage,  (optional for an additional S$499.00) comprising four week-night sessions of small group coaching and tuition.

Along with the most efficient syllabus to date, the Pattern Trader Tutorial is now more complete and holistic than its ever been, boasting 40 solid chapters of the smartest methodologies and defensive financial techniques along with support programs that no other workshop can claim to have.

Time-tested and proven over the last decade, the Pattern Trader Tutorial and its support programs are destined to become the most exclusive financial education from hereon in. This is the most complete financial syllabus that you’re not going to find anywhere else and is NOT for those who are dreaming about becoming millionaires or attaining financial freedom because this is not a get-rich-quick program. Past graduates have testified that this is more complete than most MBA programs.

It is designed for those who wish to know everything about their finances and how economics can affect their money without attending a formal education. The practitioner’s approach to the Tutorial gives the participant the knowledge and skills required to begin or accelerate their financial journey in the money markets, online and offline. This is material you will never find in books or other workshops because those experiences only happen to the REAL MACROTRADERS who know how the market works, how the floor operates and how the institutions make it their killing field.


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The full run-down on the Tutorial and its support programs:


The Tutorial (SG) will be held over 8 weekly sessions (Tuesday nights 7pm to 11pm) and one Platform Familiarization Workshop.

The Bootcamp (SG) will be held over 6 sessions over two weekends (50 hours) including the Platform Familiarization Workshop.














Setting up the

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  3. Intra5 Trading Grid
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  5. Fast8 Trading Grid





Please consider coming for the Introductory Preview Session where you will get answers to all your queries regarding attending the tutorial.

Inquire here:


PTT Add-On Workshops

Graduates now have an option to expand their HANDS-ON educational experience for another 4 weeks with our

4 Week PTT Coaching Tutelage Sessions (Click for Details.)

Graduates may also choose to advance their knowledge and skill with our Specialist Workshops for Options, Futures and Forex;

PTT Specialists Workshops


Dear Interested Participant,

Assuming that you’re very new at this, you are likely to be under the influence of media hype and/or friends’ advice. I would suggest that you forget all that and focus on what is real. Allow me to be lengthy about this as I promise you, it will be the most useful thing you’ll read on an email.

The only books I have ever written only focus on trading psychology and long term value investing. I have never and won’t ever write a book about trading techniques because I don’t believe in such nonsense. And that’s because I don’t trade using a standard technique that others can duplicate. The truth is it’s impossible to write a book like that. If it were really possible, there would be tons of money-making books and no workshops. I would love to sell a book like that because it’s easy money. But if I could, everyone else would. Where’s the easy money then? The same goes for trading – if it were so easy to learn how to trade by reading a book, why isn’t everybody rich from reading a $23 book? Where’s the easy money there?

That’s why I teach. Trading is a personal business and not something you can emulate or copy. It’s like everything else in life – it doesn’t come easy, it’s not so simple and it takes a lot of hard work and experience to master it.

Most who venture into this business have been sold a dream. Stop dreaming … I live in a real world. A world where even the best traders take their lives because they lost everything and more to the financial markets. I have lost more friends in the markets than I would like to count. I have lost many times to the market. I survived and prospered from it only because I worked hard, trained diligently, learned a lot from it and still continue to learn more about it, What I teach my students is what I have learnt and experienced from all those lessons through many years of being in the markets, from the old days of the open outcry market, through the early days of online trading to the current fully electronic age of algorithmic trading.

One thing more than anything else has prevailed through the ages – idiots who think that trading is easy and that the markets can make them rich quick.

Thousands of dreamers have been successfully influenced by the media into believing that trading is easy. And because of the media, most people think the financial markets, especially Forex, is the ticket to success. If you’ve been to any of my seminars, you would know that I don’t trade Forex at all because it is the most manipulated and unregulated market in the industry. Every guru out there teaching Forex has never traded on a real market floor because Forex is the only trade that has no exchange. Every other self-proclaimed guru today is highly likely to be a keyboard warrior with no floor or exchange trading experience.

Do you really want to succeed? Because from where I stand, success looks like a lot of hard work to me. And it all begins at my Tutorial.

The Tutorial is the most basic of basics meant for absolute beginners who have no experience in finance and/or economics. The Tutorial starts by addressing and understanding all the issues in the financial world that moves everything else, be it stocks, currencies, commodities, properties, businesses, bonds, bank products, your money and everything else in-between, both on-line and off-line.

Having said that, even experienced traders find the Tutorial enlightening as it answers questions they never knew to ask in their years of experience.

The Tutorial ends at an intermediary level that arms the student with sufficient skill to manage finances, identify risks, maximise opportunities and become savvier about their hard-earned monies in any or all of the aforementioned areas. Obviously, trading is amongst the skills acquired. The Tutorial is the foundation on which everything else is built upon.

Thereafter, there are various support programs to help the novice traders that need the extra help as the Tutorial can be quite intensive for the slower learners.

Then for the fanatical traders, they have choices to pick in the future to master specific skills in Options Trading, Commodities Trading, Futures Trading, CFDs and a host of other Specialist Instruments without having to pay huge premiums for such advanced workshops.

This is not a get-rich-quick program and it certainly is not about becoming financially free in a short time. It is also not about technical indicators or fancy charting tricks.

The Tutorial is a balanced blend of macroeconomics, money management, technical risk, psychological management and financial discipline. You are not going to get a more complete syllabus from anybody else on this side of the planet. This I promise you.

Are you still interested in my Tutorial now? Do you seriously want to learn from me? Have you considered that I might be a conman like most other gurus out there?

Have you really done enough research on me as you would any other investment?

I am going to be your most precious investment. So you’re going to have to decide carefully. Your risk in investing in me will be more than $5,000.00. Your losses to the market will be infinite especially if you don’t take me seriously. I will let you decide.




If you are serious about your finances and your future, if you want to set the right examples for your family and if you are keen on leaving a powerful legacy behind for your loved ones to build on, you should seriously consider attending the Pattern Trader Tutorial Introductory Session.

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