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22 Years of Friendship

Kristy, a staff member at AKLTG, was having a conversation with Lucy a month ago about how we’ve been able to stand each other for more than 20 years and hold our marriage together so many times in our tragic past when other couples would have given up for less. Her answers were no different […]


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The Little Red Dot Gets More Expensive

If you thought things were getting or were already expensive here on out little island, that is because of a certain economic indication called “Inflation”. We felt it a while ago but it has taken the authorities a while longer to acknowledge and publish the facts; Inflation highest in 20 mths Sept CPI climbs 3.7%; […]


Singapore Housing – My View (Retake 2)

Here’s more reason to believe that a correction in property prices is inevitable; Another key change will affect property developers, who have to complete their developments within a certain timeframe and sell all units within two years of receiving its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). Now, developers will be charged a daily fee for any extension […]


Singapore Housing – My View (Retake)

After publishing the article (below) on the 14th, the following day, Friday 15 October 2010, the banks pull a stunner by lowering the SIBOR rate (Singapore Inter-Bank Offered Rate). This puts a complete spin on my analysis on housing prices going into a short-term spike before correcting. Now, with rates lowered, the Buyers have more […]


Singapore Tightens Monetary Policy

• Singapore Q3 GDP -19.8% vs +27.3% in Q2 • Singapore tightens monetary policy; widens undisclosed exchange rate band For the full detailed report, click this link: People have sent mails to me about the possible ramifications of Singapore’s move on tightening monetary policy. Personally, I was hoping for this and yet not wanting […]


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Quarter 4 – October 2010 Preview

October, the infamous month of all the major crashes in stock market history, is upon us. The market has already been a basket of surprises this year and one must wonder what other shocks the market still has up its sleeve. TRIVIA The month strikes fear into the heart of investors all over the world […]