Why I Still Teach … Even After Nine Years

My 76th batch of the Pattern Trader Tutorial formally completed its course last night (10 March 2015) after 8 sessions and more than 40 hours of tutorials. They still have more to come this Friday and for the next eight weeks as they go into Tutelage for their hands-on experience.


Sherman Koh attend my Tutorial in 2007 when it was then known as WAT (Wealth Academy Trader). Back then, it was a 14 chapter, 18-to-24 hour workshop over four or five nights. It would have cost Sherman around S$2,888.00 to $$3,288.00 if memory serves me well.

Nearly eight years later, Sherman returned to attend the Tutorial again having only to fork out an administrative fee of $$100 and $$99 for the new textbook. What he got was a brand new Tutorial with (effectively) 32 chapters in more than 45 hours of tutorials over eight lessons in the same intimate classroom setting, albeit it in newer facilities with much improved support.

But his experience was … I will leave him to tell it to you.


Hi Conrad

Thank you for another awesome run of the PTT. As a resit student from WAT06 way back in 2007, I was at 1st a bit apprehensive about attending PTT76. Someone asked me: “Now that Conrad is rich and successful, will the course be overly commercialised? Will he still teach with the same passion and sincerity? Will he even be the one personally teaching to begin with?”

Eight lessons on:
– Still the same intimate classroom setting with limited number of students (instead of packing a few hundred people into a lecture theatre, commonly practiced by other gurus)
– The same Conrad teaching every single lesson, of course now supported by a team of very capable coaches.
– Lessons often extending beyond 11pm to ensure the content is well covered. Coaches staying past midnight to assist students with technical problems and answering our queries.

The content revisions from eight years ago is mind blowing. Back then we had a few pages of notes given out weekly. Today, the course material is a huge 400-page volume of knowledge. “Re-sit” is an understatement. PTT76 is really an “Advanced WAT” to me. That you insist that your students come back for a 2nd round is unheard of in the industry. Most gurus would be more than happy to reserve every available seat for new students paying the full price. That is the greatest assurance that we can always count on your team’s continued support even after our graduation.

I was reflecting on the key differences between PTT and some of the other trading courses out there, some of which I have attended previews. Incidentally I think it can all be summarised using “The 10 Truths of Online Trading” from Conrad’s new book:

1. You will lose money.
* Others assure you that you will make money..lots of it, setting up all kinds of unrealistic expectations where students think they can be millionaires within months.

2. Online trading is tough 
* Others make it sound way too easy. How often have we heard that “even housewives, people with no computer knowledge, retirees can succeed after a 3-day seminar?”

3. There are more losers than winners.
* Others say that their seminars can make everyone a winner, a big winner, and a very easy winner.

4. It takes money to make money
* Others tell you that you very little money to start, which is fine for those without a huge budget. What is not fine, is when they tell you how fast your little money can grow to 6-digit, 7-digit profits.

5. It takes a long time to become a good trader.
6. You must learn everything
7. It takes endless hours of training and practice
8. You need a lot of patience
* Others say that 3 days/5 days (over 2 weekends) is all that is needed. They teach you some “proprietary method” that promises quick gains. Nothing more than 15min a day. Even today, we continue to see advertisements featuring “testimonials” of uncles and aunties “turning $300 to $15000 in 4 weeks”. That is a crime.

A final thought. Whether we eventually become good traders depends on so many factors – our own discipline, aptitude, attitude, how we juggle work, family and trading. Too often, a trading course is judged based on whether “it made us rich from trading”. Let’s just say that the same Finance degree from NUS produces bank executives stuck at junior management and it also produces CFOs. Before I make my 1st dollar from the market (or lose my 1st dollar to it), I will say that resitting the course has been a great decision and investment of my time this year. I will not hesitate to recommend anyone aspiring to be a successful trader to attend the PTT.

To all my course mates, good luck, and happy hunting!!

Sherman Koh



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