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Have You Looked At Your Phone Bill Lately?

Of late, there has been a spate of advertising campaigns around the iPod, iPhone and Macbook. All you have to do it click on the ad, fill in the form and you qualify for the draw to win these state-of-the-art gizmos with no obligation what so ever. If you haven’t seen these ads and others […]


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The Last Week Of October.

This coming week, for me, marks the anniversary of many occasions and milestones in my life. And three years into my trading career, it also marks a critical time in the market as we endure the worst financial crisis the world has ever experienced. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the infamous Black Monday of 1929 […]


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Another Black Friday?

Looks very much like another Black Friday in the making. The gloom is obvious in the faces of all the CNBC presenters and in the voices of their guests. The sell-off today in Asia and early on in Europe is looking like its going to be a killer day that may well set new negative […]


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Who’s Paying For Their Losses?

Now that bank deposits are guaranteed, that puts a lot of confidence back into our financial system. But a sore point remains … buyers of Lehman Minibonds, Hi Notes, etc, are going to get compensated in a case-by-case approach. (And what happens next is that the educated ones who don’t deserve the compensation, will get […]


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You Buy, You Die

Quote: Originally Posted by Conrad Sorry, but I can’t take that “rally” seriously. For the most part, up till the last hour of trading, volumes really sucked. Then in the last hour, a lucky break above 9,050 and we’re rallying another 330 points … All I can say is that those who bought into the […]


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I’m not buying it.

Mon 13 Oct 08 – After Market Report    Quote: Originally Posted by Conrad A technical bounce is due and with some feel-good news in the market now. With governments guaranteeing inter-bank loans, this should pump some confidence back into the market but it remains to be seen if the feel-good will last. Beware of […]


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Singapore Joins N.Z. in Recession.

After reporting a consecutive second negative quarter, Singapore is now in a technical Recession. Against the less than favorable economic environment, Singapore’s GDP growth forecast for 2008 has been revised to around 3% from 4-5%. Singapore’s Monetary Authority said in a release today that economic growth is likely remain below its potential rate over the […]


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What To Do With Your Money Now

Before I begin, allow me to apologize upfront if what you are about to read is either arrogant, untimely or retardedly opportunistic but I am prompted by the massive write up in today’s Sunday Times about the current financial situation that is affecting everybody. Firstly, screw the bankers who are complaining that they are not […]


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October 2008 Preview

This report was due out at the start of the week but with the many goings on in the market, I just had to hold off saying anything too soon. As of this morning, everything is coming to pass and to begin this report … it’s not looking pretty. I mentioned earlier in September that […]