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June 2011 Review, July Preview

I got my break! And it couldn’t have happened in a better place – my Spiritual Place on this planet; HOKKAIDO! This place looks so different in Winter. It is almost unrecognizable after the whole place become white with powder. It also becomes a skiing haven. I love Hokkaido because it is one of those […]


A Lesson In Brilliant Marketing

While everyone makes the buzz on Tampines’ DBSS $880,000 price tag bigger and noisier, little do they know that they are all falling for the oldest and most effective marketing ploy … textbook stuff on how to hype up a sale. The whole idea is to generate interest. Whether the interest is positive or negative, […]


Rock Stars Should Be Presidents!

Now that’s they way to run a country!! Rock on Gene!


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Was QE2 a Waste?

I love this one.  And still they ask, “Will there be a QE3?” … my answer is – Not when they are this broke.


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Why I don’t use P/E Ratios

Watch this video and listen closely to the second half of it. I have always respected Mark Hulbert’s analysis as he has had an outstanding track record on such things as market valuations, economic temperature and an uncanny timing of the market. Based on the modern modified version of calculating P/E Ratios, this current market […]


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More Downside to Come in June?

As a contrarian indicator, there is not enough worry amongst investors to justify any sort of potential bounce of the lows to start the next rally. In fact, the complacency is pointing to lower lows to come. And Chuck Jaffe talks about how subscriptions and stock pickers can be bad for your financial health … […]


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World Collapse Explained in Three Minutes

This is a must watch. Enjoy!