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Dogtorate? Just who is your guru?

It’s amazing how hungry people can get that they would resort to such despicable depths to achieve success at the expense of their innocent and ignorant paying customers. Click to expand article. I, on the other hand, am very proud to have the only legitimate certificate that money can’t buy … in fact, to attain […]


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Another Blow Out Week!

The 10 days between 16 to 25 August was a non-stop marathon of events which left me knackered but extremely fulfilled and proud of the things I’m doing. INVESTFAIR 2008 16 and 17 August saw the second installment of the annual investor’s event, InvestFair ’08. This year’s fair was considerably larger and more competitive especially […]


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Technical Analysis on Dow Jones

I am keeping things simple and only looking at about 6 months down the road. Here it is; Dow to hit 9,500 on the low or 11,150 on the high before End April 2009. Support is likely to be 9,500 to 9,800 while Resistance won’t get any higher than 11,150 to 11,500. That means a […]


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5 August Update

Finally! My long overdue book will be out on the shelves by mid August 2008. It’s been a long time coming but I got it done after all. This will be the first of a series of three books with each one targeted about 6 to 9 months apart from each other. Another long awaited […]