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July 2009 In Review

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any busier, July 2009 goes and tops it all! I have never been busier and more tired than ever before. The highlight of July 2009 has to be that massive Pattern Trader’s 3rd Anniversary Gathering at M Hotel on 17 July. More than 280 people attended this event […]


Why I Teach What I Teach

Today was a day of mixed feelings as I received two very different emails from two very different individuals in two extremely different situations. The first email is from Nazarudin Jusoh who is from my 5th batch in Malaysia that graduated in July 2008. This mail, needless to say, lit up my day. Dear Conrad, After […]


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Trading For A Million?

I made this posting some time ago when I received an email from an inquirer. The question was an honest one but it reflected the state of mind of most locals when it comes to trading. Through all the daily hype and rah-rah that we receive in the media, we slowly start believing that it […]


The Camel’s Back Slides

The worst jobs data in 26 years, the worst pre-4th-of-July performance in 100 years, 5 more bank closures to bring the year’s total to 51 banks gone bust, the lowest close on the DOW since May this year, a second round of soon-to-be-useless stimulus programs after the first round did nothing but waste money, interest […]