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“Why Teach When You Can Trade?” Part 3 of 3

“What to teach?” I have attended many workshops where there was a guru on stage teaching us how to trade in a certain style that was suited to just one security/instrument. Almost all of the time, the style in which we were taught was a “cloned” system in which we had a set of rules […]


“Why Teach When You Can Trade?” Part 2 of 3

Teaching isn’t what a lot of people make it out to be. Especially not at AKLTG. The three main criteria for being a good teacher in the seminar business is; You have to be good at what you do (Credibility) You have to be good at teaching it in terms that others can grasp (Clarity) […]


“Why Teach When You Can Trade?” Part 1 of 3

Dear Conrad, If you are such a successful and profitable trader, why bother teaching? Is it because you make more from teaching than trading? If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that, I would neither have to teach nor trade … I’d be a very rich man just from those dollars alone! To answer […]


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Sell In May?

In my previous blog posting, I mentioned I am upgrading my trading status to Conservative from Bearish. That meant that I am no longer convinced that Puts are going to be as profitable as they have been in recent months. But it doesn’t mean than I’m not going to trade Puts anymore nor does it […]


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May 2009 In Preview

Today officially begins the trading month of May. And traditionally the worse 6 months in the market. In the April preview, I posted that … … the acid test will be May. The real stress test will be at the end of Q2 and throughout Q3 (traditionally the worse quarter of any year).  I am […]


Sell In May or Market Bottom?

This is one major query that has been boiling on my forum, in facebook and in my emails for the last week. In my April 2009 In Preview posting, I wrote:  If patterns continue to hold true, we might have some hope for the coming Quarter. If things continue to be as predictable as March […]


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Cover Story – Invest May 2009

Guess who made the cover story for this month’s issue?