Commodities & Futures (SG) – 26, 27 and 28 January 2019

This workshop (in SG) is exclusive to Pattern Trader Graduates only.

This is a three-session workshop designed to give PTT Graduates an in-depth understanding of the Commodities & Futures Market.

The Bootcamp will be broken down into three categories;

You will be learning how to manage leverage and margins, discover trading windows for each security and adopt disciplines that make Futures Traders so different from other traders.

You will also learn how to use low risk commodity ETFs to take on passive investments on commodities for the medium to long term positions.

The advanced methods and risk factors of this Bootcamp is a serious consideration and thus, not for beginners or inexperienced traders. It is advised that you have at least a year of trading experience before considering taking up this Bootcamp.

The workshop will be conducted by Conrad and will be held over two days and one ‘live’ session;


Syllabus details are as follows:

Saturday (9am to 5pm)



Sunday (9am to 5pm)


Monday (7pm to 10pm)

“Live” Session

Securities to be featured in this workshop include (and may not be limited to);

Index Futures:

Currency Futures and Currency ETFs including:

Commodity Futures and ETFs including:


Content and Schedule subject to change.

The topics discussed during the workshop for each segment will include:

For program schedule and payment details; contact: