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Having and yet not.

There are typically three types of people in any society. This is our so-called human kingdom where the wealthiest survive and the strugglers yearn. Unlike the merciful animal kingdom where the strong survive and the weak become prey and eventually fodder, the human kingdom is an evil place where the strugglers never die but live […]


No looking back now

After 6 long years of struggling and living a life of a recluse … This is where my journey has taken me and for now, I like the road I’m on and the map that’s leading me to my destination. Conrad, 42, is one Singapore’s few successful Full Time Professional On-Line Traders. He is very […]


Just like starting over …

The Stock Market. The last place on earth I would have looked at to get a second wind. Through my media work, I had worked on several IPO (Initial Public Offering) projects on some of the more recognizable (SGX) listed companies today; JEL, KXD and a host of smaller corporations listed on the SGX. Through […]


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My story so far …

Not so long ago, I was a struggling middled aged nobody with a wife and two small children to feed. Like so many others, mine was a tired and often heard story of the under-qualified and over-experienced, hard up 40 something that we read about every so often. But to me, my difficulties were unique, […]