Testimonials 2017

Natasha Bounaparte
Batch 83 (2015) and Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

Conrad teaches economics and finance in a very easy to understand and interesting fashion. Not only do his tips apply to trading, it is applicable to our everyday lives as well. He provides a holistic approach and leave no stone unturned. This is my 2nd time attending the Tutorial and discovered that what he teaches is always current and relevant. He shares personal stories, real life experiences and even setbacks.

I am very thankful that I took up his Tutorial to introduce myself to the world of finance to be able to protect myself against the risks (by taking calculated risk) against the various financial instruments.

My financial management has improved after putting what I learnt into practice and this had led to an improved family life, whereby I have started growing my children’s savings into their future study funds.

Thank you, Conrad! Your teachings have impacted me and my husband’s lives for the better.


Desmond Aw
Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

Being totally green and financially illiterate, Conrad really helped me understand the basics of finance and economics, financial psychology and how to respect the market. If anything at all, I really learn to respect the market and do my due diligence before making any trades which is very important for anyone new to this.

What drew me toput my faith in Conrad is his down-to-earth and genuine personality and attitude towards his students and lessons. His during-and-after support is also really fantastic and prompt. I could not have gotten a better coach than him.


PTT86 1st day

Nelson Ho G.W.
Batch 70 (2014) and Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

What do you do and how do you do it?

Conrad has more than 12 years’ experience in trading and investing. He has been very generous to share his vast knowledge and experience with his students. I got inspired by my friend’s (from the same cohort) trading results and was inspired to continue learning to improve my trading journey.

After some experimenting and learning from my mistakes, under the guidance of Conrad and my friend, my trades have improved and consistently return 15% to 20% profits over the last six months. Learning the mindset (psychology), understanding the market and the economy and setting up your trading plan are very important elements to earn consistent profits for a trader.

No one can teach Defensive Trading better than Conrad.

Thanks a million, Conrad!


Tim0thy Ng S.K.
Batch 15 (2008) and Batch 91 (2017)

I am a re-sit student from 2008. Conrad has improved a lot as a teacher, who spontaneously shares his real-life trading experiences. Complicated topics like Options were being taught in a simplified manner that gives the students the confidence and desire to explore more on this instrument.

Conrad also personally puts in the effort to help the class in setting up and familiarizing them with the trading platform and gives advice on security issues regarding setting up your trading account. He goes as far as planning for the eventuality of death and the planning of your will which I never considered as important before.

The community of his past students help a lot as the journey for trading begins only after the Tutorial ends. This gives the new students more avenues to seek assistance, clarify doubts and benefit from the senior students’ experiences.

Thank you, Conrad


Alexis Oh
Batch 84 (2015) and Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

Amazing! Conrad teaches about the trading opportunities, strategies and how to trade safely. He is honest in that there are no shortcuts to achieving success in trading. It is definitely worth it to learn from one of the best teachers in this field.


Nicole C.
Batch 88 (2017) Singapore

Perhaps you have attended several workshops and learnt some techniques on technical and financial analysis. The real question is whether you really understand why and how the price moved because of the market and economy.

Conrad’s Pattern Trader Tutorial will give you that head start in equipping you to fill that knowledge gap. This will allow you to analyze rather than memorize market trends, thus preventing you from being too reactive. This will put you back in control of your money.

Fear not if you think the course might be too advanced. I too had no prior experience in trading before this Tutorial. The lessons are designed in a way that is suitable for beginners and Conrad makes sure to insert interesting anecdotes which not only increases your general knowledge but also allow you to intake information better.

Value for Money!!



MJ Chen
Batch 87 (2016) and Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

Re-sitting the Pattern Trader Tutorial helps greatly in understanding Options because I had difficulty catching up in my initial sitting. With the re-sit, I now understand the strategies better with Conrad’s 10th Edition syllabus and the accompanying animated slides which are very useful visual aids while he explains. He understands that visualizing it makes understanding a whole lot easier.


Kitson Yoon
Batch 51 (2011) and Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

My initial Tutorial was in 2011. Conrad has never failed to wow his students and always has something new to offer every single session.

There is no doubt that Conrad is the undisputed top financial trainer/coach/mentor in the region.

The course fees require to have him as your mentor is truly value for money.


Diem Le
Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

I have learnt a huge amount of things that I had wanted to learn but couldn’t find elsewhere before. Honestly, I felt exhausted after the course and totally got lost in some parts. However, I continued learning and slowly took my first steps in this journey.

Thanks, Conrad, for motivating and inspiring me to continue learning. There are a lot of things I have to learn ahead but I am loving this journey.


Tan Pei Chee
Batch 88 (2016) and Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

Before attending the Tutorial, I thought that this was going to be another scam, plus it is so expensive. However, after completing the Tutorial, I have found this course to be really in depth, informative and practical. I don’t regret signing up at all.

I believe that with hard work, I will be able to be a consistently profitable trader.



Colin Ho
Batch 88 (2017) Singapore

It isn’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It is what you know for sure that isn’t so. ~ Mark Twain

Conrad exposes the risks and false teaching about instruments that are available to traders. If you are oblivious to the misconceptions you hold, you will be bit and have no clue why.

Thanks Conrad!


CY Chen
Batch 88 (2017) Singapore

After learning some basics of investing and trading, I realized it was not fruitful, not to mention unsettling to just follow indicators and stock screeners to hope for the best without completely understanding stocks, the market conditions and what those indicators actually meant.

I was sold when Conrad shared what he would cover in his Tutorial and it is perhaps the best decision I have made with regard to my aim to be fully responsible for my own trades and investments. True to what was shared in his Preview, the Pattern Trader Tutorial is a very comprehensive financial program that gave me a lot of insights on Sector Rotation, Seasons & Cycles and other things that move the markets. There are minimal risk entries, Fibonacci and options, things that allow you to better manage your trades.

All that I have learnt gave me confidence in my trading journey and I even have a dream of perhaps working in the financial industry in the near future.

Highly recommended!


Batch 88 (2017) Singapore

I dropped out of university due to financial problems and almost quit in life until I discovered Conrad’s Pattern Trader Tutorial. It compelled me to work towards putting myself back in school so I can further work to fulfil my financial goals.

Thanks Conrad. Now I don’t have to resign my life to living from paycheck to paycheck.


Jason Ang
Batch 91 (2017) Singapore

Conrad, thank you for the generous sharing of knowledge. The amount of information in the textbook truly reflects the high level of commitment, hard work and dedication you put into this program.

Throughout the Tutorial, this message keeps ringing in my head; “Trading is a dead serious business.” You have totally impressed upon us the true meaning and essence of trading. Unfortunately, the rest of the trader-wannabe community is not receiving the same message. I wish the majority of the trading community out there, experience what is means to be a real trader.

As I reflect on the entire 6 days of training, a few common themes keep repeating and that is the defensive approach towards trading and the importance of assessing and eliminating as much as possible the various risks that presents itself. Even if we are not well versed in the technical aspects of trading, this defensive mindset itself can ensure that we can be successful traders.

Though the course is over, my journey as a trader has only just begun. I look forward to this new chapter in my life. Thank you for being our mentor.




The Pattern Trader Tutorial was created in 2005 by Conrad Alvin Lim, a professional online trader and mentor in Finance. Since then, the Tutorial has groomed many institutional professionals in the financial industry.

In the ten years Conrad has been teaching professionally, the Tutorial has evolved to become an all-encompassing, most comprehensive and complete financial program in the region. Its syllabus is now in its 10th Edition.

To find out more about the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial, come for the Introductory Preview Session. No obligation, no hype, no hard-selling. Only the hard truth and the realistic side of the financial markets.

If you dare to learn the truth instead of choosing to believe in pipe dreams, click here to register and find out more: Introductory Preview Session.

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