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More Videos

Yup … its another weekend of viewing “pleasure” to usher in the New Year! Let’s start with this clip on an empty city in China where everything is ready to go but nothing is going. Detroit in RUINS! A candid look at the financial state of Motor City and its demise with Steven Crowder. $5,700 […]


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December In Review

I know its a little early but I won’t be around at the end of the year to do this so better now than later. December 2009 ended a three month marathon of classes, events and workshops that started towards the end of September. In the period between 6 November and 18 December, I never […]


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Why I Keep Long Hair

This is one question many want to ask and few actually dare to ask. So for what ever it’s worth, here it is once and for all – the “long story” I usually use as an excuse to not explain it. I was born into the hippie era in the 60s and grew up on […]