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Choose – It Makes You


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We’re Getting Real Close

The markets closed down on Friday in bearish fashion although the indices may not look so. The market internals were convincingly bearish across the NYSE, hinting that any bullishness at the open was nothing more than short-covering. In fact, the whole week was dotted with rallies that were nothing more than short-covering (Dead Cat) bounces. […]


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The Purpose

Got an email from a past graduate who found life becoming mundane and was afraid of becoming just another working “zombie” like those she sees on the train going to work everyday. She asked me what her life meant and how could she make her life more meaningful and fulfilling. At last night’s class, I […]


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September 2014 Review, October Preview

September 2014 was a time for reflecting and considering the future. Crossroads are never easy to navigate but there will always come a time that each and everyone of us will have to navigate these obstacles at least several times in our lives. Now I face my umpteenth crossroad but I will prevail. Such things […]