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Common Sense Prudence

Why do you still stay in a 3-Room Flat and drive a Suzuki when you can afford much better? This is a common question I get all the time.  I myself must have asked that question of others in my earlier years. The answers to that one simple question are varied as they are vast […]


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Personal Thanks and Tribute to a Selfless Coach

Here’s another really nice testimonial. It’s one thing to get such nice words from a fresh student but to get it from a student that has already been trading for some time is another thing altogether and it means a lot to me. And it means even more when lessons in life are appreciated above […]


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It has been a long two months.

I have had two of the busiest months of my last five years and needless to say, I am knackered. I don’t know if I can remember everything that happened in the last 60 days but I’ll do my best to get everyone up to speed including what is going on in this rock-n-roll market. […]


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Paper Trading – Serious or Not?

One of my students posted this in my forum which prompted me to share something I taught in the most recent Malaysian Tutorial. … I feel that although taking paper trade seriously in cutting losses and being discipline in your trading plan, it lacks the stress and pressure when I used to do actual trade […]