Personal Thanks and Tribute to a Selfless Coach

Here’s another really nice testimonial. It’s one thing to get such nice words from a fresh student but to get it from a student that has already been trading for some time is another thing altogether and it means a lot to me. And it means even more when lessons in life are appreciated above the lessons on finance. This is why I teach. And love teaching.

Hi Conrad,

Wednesday was the last lesson for WAT 41. Reflecting on these 8 weeks of classes, I have gained tremendously as it gives me a fantastic new beginning to my trading and psychology and also an awesome lesson on life and family management. You have made me realized that in the midst of all these struggles towards getting more means (money) for a better living, I have often forgotten that my objective/goal is the FAMILY and not the means.

When I heard you talk about giving up a big pay check (teaching in Indonesia and Malaysia) for family time, my first thought was that you had enough of a rally and decided to take some profit off the table for your family. The same question came to me; When will I learn to take some profit off the table and enjoy the fruits of that success?

Thanks for your selfless contribution and sharing with others by revealing not only some of your trade secrets but the secret to success not just in monetary terms but in life. I have seen and learned more than trading and also learned to plan my next “trading plan” not just for myself (technical) but with my family(fundamentals).

In these 8 weeks, I have learned how to do a risk reduction trading plan and various strategies to trade options successfully. They are fantastic ideas and makes me often wonder, “Why I didn’t think of that?” despite reading so much from the many trading books at the library. Now my virtual account is growing and finally I begin to see a small beam of light towards becoming a successful trader. However, there is still lots more hard work ahead.

Thank you for the precious guidance from you and your team of coaches.

Steven Yip

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