It has been a long two months.

I have had two of the busiest months of my last five years and needless to say, I am knackered. I don’t know if I can remember everything that happened in the last 60 days but I’ll do my best to get everyone up to speed including what is going on in this rock-n-roll market.



During the weekend of 16 to 18 July, I was busy running back and forth between WAI MY Batch 02 and the Investor Expo in K.L. If you want to catch the clip of the presentation, just click the picture below and let it load.

<– Click to watch video

The Expo was a memorable experience and many thanks to the graduates who came back to support the program. Their presence help convince a record number of people that WAT was what they needed to get themselves educated. To those graduates Melissa, Robert and Loon Kee, you have my heartfelt thanks.


28 August saw WAT(SG)40 graduate. This was really another fun batch and the energy in this bunch made it great to teach every lesson.


WAI JKT Batch 07 graduated on 01 August. This would be the last WAI that I would be doing in Jakarta. I had to quit the program because I wanted to teach less and trade more but found myself getting involved in other programs and public seminars. It became so bad that I hardly had time for my family anymore.  I am sad to leave this program but I am happy and gratified about how far this program has come and for the many lives it has touched and changed.


The following week saw me complete my last WAI in Malaysia. WAI MY Batch 03 graduated on 8 August at the glorious Sunway Lagoon Resort. This was truly a great batch of students and I couldn’t have asked for a better location to end my WAI career. My family came up with me for the weekend and that made it all the more memorable.


Between 19 to 22 August, Singapore got its 22nd batch of investors as WA(SG)22 graduated after 4 brain-busting days.

On the same weekend, Adam and I had a forgettable Investfair 2010 at the Marina Bay Sands.

The entire event over the weekend was dogged by traffic problems getting to the venue as a result of the road closures leading in and out of the place because of the Youth Olympic Games. This had a terrible effect on the people traffic at the event. The turnout was poor. The poorest of any event I have ever done. To make matters worse, the venue was not the best place to do such an event. It was an acoustical nightmare. No matter how loud you shouted through the mike, you couldn’t even hear yourself.

But kudos to my Coaches, Roy, Dianah, Leon, Gabriel, Ann, Emily, Agnes, Jason, Soon Ghee and the staff of AKLTG for pulling off a record number of signings at such an event. While the others struggle to get anything off the ground, I was fortunate to have this team to make this event something to remember. You people ROCK!


WAT(MY)11 graduated on 30 August as my largest ever batch in any country with 47 newly minted traders. This batch was energetic, eager and definitely aggressive about learning everything I had to offer. And they are not done yet! Thank to Yap and Gary and all the others who came back to help out. It would have been a shit-fight had I done this alone.


And on September 01, Singapore’s largest batch of traders graduated with 41 people. WAT(SG)41 was a benchmark class in that they will be the first class to officially get the optional 8 Week Hand-holding Support Program in Singapore. This program, designed and run by Roy, will be supported by the other coaches such as Dianah, Leon and Alicia and brings Henry in as its senior trainer. This program is now a standard addition in all countries after much feedback and tweaking to get the system perfect in JKT and MY over the last year. This was the brainchild of Lawrence Chua. I hope to have him back in my fold one day soon.



My retirement from Wealth Academy Investor brings to an end an era that saw me grow from a nobody into a savvy investment teacher. I take with me many, many fond memories from all the batches we ran in Jakarta and Malaysia and keep with me the many friends I’ve made from this program.

It is with a heavy heart that I leave this program behind after almost 4 years. Adam and I worked to make it the best it could be and revived what was once an almost dead idea to bring it up to become Asia Most Powerful Wealth Creation Program. I am proud to have been a big part of this life-changing workshop and would like to thank each and every participant that came and learned and experienced what we had to offer. I pray for your success and continued growth.

Singapore, however, will still have to put up with me at Wealth Academy! I am not leaving this one as this is where it all started and I am still terribly passionate about it. I am still the incumbent partner-trainer alongside Adam as this version of the program does not take me away from my family for a whole weekend. So I will still be around to give each and everyone of you a really hard time! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Now I will be able to focus my attention and energies to my own Pattern Trader Tutorial (WAT) and really get going on my long overdue 4th book. I will also be getting out up to three new products to add to the Candlestick and Breakout Patterns Quick Reference Cards. I also want to get my Trader’s Club up and running full steam now that the Trader’s Room is 100% functional. There is so much more I want to do and with this ease up in my schedule, I will deliver.



I received this beautiful word of thanks from a Pattern Trader Graduate and this really lit up my day. It is for this reason that I teach and continue to change people’s lives.

Hello Conrad,

It was the last lesson of Wat41 and yet I have the strange feeling that it is just the beginning of my journey to the financial world. I have had my fair bit of exposure in trading but never have I dreamed that there were so much more to learn. I have learnt in every minute of the class and with the acquired knowledge, I managed to continue to learn outside the class. I was able to make better sense out of the daily news. I was able to speak more intelligently with my bankers and I believe, given time to practice, I shall be able to manage more of my trading personally.

I have paid lesser dollars in attending classes before but yours is one in which every cent is worth paying for. None of the classes I had attended were as lengthy as yours which was at least more than 4 hrs in a row. However, I have surprised myself that I could remain alert and enjoyed the learning throughout the lesson. I love your teaching style and I appreciate your efforts to deliver the lessons in the most relaxing manner and cleverly passing your knowledge over with not only spoken words and visuals but also your actions. I laughed so much not at your actions but that your ‘acting’ had reminded me of my past ignorance in handling my trading.

Coincidentally, yesterday was also teacher’s day. I didn’t get the chance to thank you personally. May I say, “Thank you, Conrad. You are a great teacher. You are sincere in your teaching and you have wanted your students to learn more and more. I am proud to be one of your students. I can see you really enjoy your work. However, don’t over-work and remember to take good care of yourself”.

Thank you,

Fr Shirley Seah

And to the many students and graduates who sent me their thoughts and wishes on Teacher’s Day, I would like to thank each and every one of you. It is you who have made me the teacher I am. For that, I am eternally grateful to you all for giving me that chance. And for that, I will continue to strive to always get better and humbler.

Thank you from the deepest part of me.



All I can say at this point is that the market is behaving exactly the way I expected it would at the start of the year. It hasn’t been easy to make money. Of course there is money being made but it hasn’t been easy. I have never worked so hard in my 5 years of on-line trading as I’ve done in the past 8 months to make money. This is really a tough market and I suspect we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

Volumes continue to weaken in the equity market while the smart money runs into fixed income securities. In spite of a 2.5% rally on Wednesday 2 September, there is little to convince us that there is any silver lining going forward into what seems like an inevitable double dip. Japan’s slide into oblivion is also not encouraging as the global economy struggles to find leadership amongst the leading economies of America, China, Japan and the Euro Zone.

For now, the months of May, June, July and August have not disappointed in delivering their usual dreaded and unpredictable trends and for this year, the unexpected surprise of volatility. I reckon September is also going to be more of the same. And let’s not even discuss October yet.

I will be doing a complete analysis on the markets and the American economic health later in the month. I am sure we will be in for a shock.


In summary, my calendar for September going forward is looking more sane and I should be able to get my life back. My goal of teaching less and trading more looks more realistic now.

Bottom line is that I will have more time with the family and get some rest … finally.

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