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How To Avoid Getting “Scammed”?

To be fair, not all scams started with the intention to scam. Its just that the business model was not properly thought through and it ended up looking like a scam.   Can you blame the victims? I don’t think they all fell for greed or were conned through ignorance and gullibility. If the scheme […]


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Lunar New Year 2017

As the new lunar year draws upon us, take the time to mull over how you’re going to make the Year Of The Rooster a better year than last year in spite of the difficulties and hurdles that lay before us. • If you never give up, you don’t fail. • You may falter but […]


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The End Of My Ten-Years At AKLTG (Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group)

All good things come to an end and my 10-year association to AKLTG (Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group) is no different as both AK and myself have outgrown each other over these amazing years together as the leading financial educators in the business. I am proud to have been associated with them and will forever be grateful […]


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Unbelievable Or Irresponsible?

I read this article (above) in disbelief and made a posting of it in Facebook … and that got a lot of attention. Why would anyone publish such an article based on such loose statistics such as a survey that obviously doesn’t reflect the sign of the times. Is this irresponsible reporting or was it designed […]


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Keeping Your Money Safe

With the world on the brink of a recession, many financial institutions are going to find it tough to maintain a lot of their over-leveraged products as liquidity dries up. In many instances past, when the money flow slows, many of these products turn toxic. The man in the street is now looking for safe […]


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Merry Christmas 2015


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May 2015 Review, June Preview

I did it! I finally did it after 23 years … I went on my second honeymoon! I won’t bore you with the details but those who want to read about what it meant to me can catch up with it by clicking the picture below. Along with the usual sights and cuisine, this trip […]


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What Have We Become?

Some time back, I made a posting on Facebook after the Liverpool vs Manchester United match and had a string of other comments that followed. Even my Mom got in on the action. Followers of my postings on Facebook would have noticed that my Mom and I are rather tight and that we share a […]


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March 2015 In Review, April Preview

Busy, busy, busy … and when you couldn’t get busier, the Nation loses an icon and we have more to do albeit with a heavy heart. On Tuesday 10 March, PTT76 completed their Tutorial after seven weeks. On Friday 20, Malaysia got its first Gathering at our new training centre in Solaris Mont Kiara. Then […]


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Its You … Not Your Degree That Matters

(Originally posted on my Facebook Page) I don’t totally agree with the headline but the overall piece is good. Your degree may be a useless bit of paper but the education is something you will need unless you picked a major that is not relevant to your passion. Your upbringing will be your next qualification […]