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The Purpose

Got an email from a past graduate who found life becoming mundane and was afraid of becoming just another working “zombie” like those she sees on the train going to work everyday. She asked me what her life meant and how could she make her life more meaningful and fulfilling. At last night’s class, I […]

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Random Update … Wed 14 May 14 @ 20:13

I’m sitting at home. After 60 agonising hours of being warded at Singapore General Hospital, I am finally at home and temporarily untortured. But the ordeal is not yet over … In November 2011, I had an operation done to remove a gouty tophi from my right foot (big toe). It had become so huge […]

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Taking A Long Break

I am tired. And I need a break. I also need time to regroup and reorganise. My health has taken a beating and I need to slow down. The demand for the tutorial has also slowed significantly. Thus, I don’t see the point in pressing on too hard while I should be using this time […]

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WPODT: Book Launch – Kuala Lumpur & Penang

To attend this event, register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NxdbOkXFX5n2Lngljx-XHXxvtrNsc_lilgYpKIpg04I/viewform

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WPODT Launch – What A Party!

Thanks to Soon Ghee for the great shots!!

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I Am Not Leaving AKLTG!

For the record so that the confusion and speculation stops … AKLTG stands for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. This company is owned by my good friend Adam Khoo. I am not a partner or associate of AKLTG. I am just Adam’s good friend and I happen to be teaching under his roof by his […]

May Day Food For Thought – 1 May, 2012

INFLATION OR STIMULATION? Someone asked me why thoughtless lavish spending encourages inflation when it helps to stimulate the economy … In one small example, buying an apartment you can’t afford then defaulting on the downpayment means that your thoughtless spending just helped to raise the price of properties unrealistically and returning the apartment doesn’t bring […]

Weekend Food For Thought – 28 April, 2012

Just How Do Singaporeans Live? The cost of a one bedroom apartment in Tg Katong/Paya Lebar is now S$900,000. The cost of any small car in Singapore now comes at a minimum of $100,000. (That’s not even considering the $90K COE for a 2L car.)   You need to be a millionaire to afford a […]

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Weekend Food For Thought – Feb 11, 2012

This week’s thought comes from my reply to someone who asked me something about the market in a way that most people would ask – as if Traders knew the future … Conrad, where do you see the economy heading? … what do you think the market is going to do? … is XXX a […]

Two Decades And A Woman

On February 08, 1992. I changed my life forever, for better or for worse, whether in good times or bad, regardless of sickness or health. On that day, I no longer was “me” … “Me” became “us”. That is the one day in history I would never change. That is the day I would live […]