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Failing at anything is a common occurrence. Small failures like burning the dinner, not screwing the lightbulb properly, etc, happen from time to time. We think nothing of it and life goes on after we rectify the situation.

So why do we allow the larger failures to kill our motivation, end our dreams and halt our direction in life? Why don’t we address the problem, overcome it and carry on with life?

The answer is often because we prefer to live in denial, blame something or someone else for it and spend too much time and effort complaining about it needlessly. All of which is not productive and only serves to extend the status quo … or worsen it.

Take accountability and be responsible for it. Whether or not it was your fault or circumstantial, the fact remains – you have a problem. FIX IT and fix it quickly. If it can’t be fixed, cut your losses quickly, get over it and start again.

You started something because you were motivated to do so. Find that motivation again. Discover the hunger once more. Know your “Why” and restart again.

Failure is only complete when you quit, give up or walk away.

Many are familiar with my story of failure and recovery. But few actually know the pains and struggles that went into that journey. As painful as it was, it had to be done.

It is a very tired story that still motivates many people today. 18 years after it started and 11 years after it ended, it still engages and inspires a lot of people.

I am flattered. I didn’t deliberately set out to make that happen. I never intended for it to be like that. I don’t think anyone would wish it upon themselves.

But everything happens for a reason. Thus, if this is my calling, then I will serve to motivate and inspire as long as the public calls for it.

Failure is never the end. I have always seen failure as the perfect reason to start something new and promising.

I hope you enjoy the article below. It was a very lengthy interview for a think tank. It will be followed up by an empowering session sometime after CNY. I hope to serve you then.

Have a truly empowered weekend ahead! Happy Hunting!

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