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Momentum Trades

In spite of the current market woes, last week at the WA booster (Thu) and the WAT gathering (Fri), I mentioned several tickers and ETFs that were good to go up … here’s an update after only 4 trading days; (To view charts in full resolution, right click > “View Image” ) Defense ($DFX)(Long Dawn) […]


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Two Books For Christmas

Finally! After many many re-writes and more editing, Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders is in its final stages before it goes to print! I am praying that the book will hit the shelves before Christmas. It wasn’t easy writing this book because unlike other trading books, the subject matter of this book is intangible. Writing […]


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Market Update 21 Nov BMO

Just a quick update after the close of 20 November 2009 … Looks like we’re on the way down to 6,000. The way the market is deteriorating, I reckon we’ll see DOW break my 7,080 before Christmas. Of course the market will rally a little as more bargain hunters come in today, especially since November […]


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Market Update 19 Nov AMC

Earlier this month, on 6 November, I wrote; My downside support remains at 7,400 and 7,080 with no further upside than 10,800 and 11,200 … For November, I am looking at a range – DOW’s low should hold above 8,380 and the high should resist at 10,200 … If I don’t get a bullish bounce […]


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Big, Strong & Friendly … no more.

WARNING! ANGST POSTING AHEAD. Proceed without caution. Banks. You can’t live without them, you definitely can’t trust them and soon, you may have to run away from them. Yesterday’s press was littered with news about credit problems, unemployment and retrenchment news and people facing financial difficulties because they over-extended their financial limits via credit card […]


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Sign Of The Times

The signs have been there for a while but they are now starting to show themselves slowly but surely. This is not the time to indulge and definitely the time to be prudent. With Hong Kong, Italy and Germany now in recession and global retail sales falling sharply, I definitely think it is time to […]


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Where To Now?

That must’ve been the shortest post-election honeymoon ever! So where do we go for the rest of November? Here’s my fitty-sens of analysis … While the VIX wears a beautiful Long Dawn Line on a 5th candle reversal, the DOW looks highly fashionable for this Autumn’s collection as it sports a Short Dusk Line which […]


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Personality Tips To Improve Your Trades

PERSONALITY TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR TRADES Note that the title is not Personal Tips but Personality Tips. This is how you can improve your trades by identifying your personal traits that can either compromise or improve or trading results. 1.    Learn To Save The simple task of saving can be the difference between why […]


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WAT Tutorial Preview

WEALTH ACADEMY TRADER: THE REVISED PATTERN TRADER TUTORIAL – SINGAPORE BATCH 24 (NOVEMBER 2008) Next Preview in Singapore will be on: Thursday, 6 November, 2008 @ 19:00 Discussion Topic: 80% Losers vs 20% Winners … Why? Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd 10 Hoe Chiang Rd #01-01 Keppel Towers Singapore 089315 Tel: (65) 6274-0105 […]