Two Books For Christmas


After many many re-writes and more editing, Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders is in its final stages before it goes to print!
I am praying that the book will hit the shelves before Christmas. It wasn’t easy writing this book because unlike other trading books, the subject matter of this book is intangible. Writing Secrets of Millionaire Investors was a walk in the park compared to this. Trading books are much easier to write because you can illustrate with charts and pictures and explain things with the use of graphics.

But a book like SPMT is all about trading psychology and money management. It is text heavy with lots of examples, analogies and stories to reinforce the many issues that plague traders and investors. I found it so enlightening to write this book as it enhanced my understanding of trading psychology and the importance of this often neglected subject. It also made sense of the many lessons I have taken in life about financial management.

All the best techniques, strategies and technology will not help a trader if the trader does not understand his role in the market and how his own psychological weaknesses will betray his best trades every time.

I hope that this books helps traders to trade better and invest wiser. This is my Christmas gift to everyone who takes this business seriously.

Another book to hit the shelves is one I co-wrote with Adam Khoo (again) and Ryan Huang. It is titled “Profit From The Panic” and its all about how you can take positives from the current downtrend to look for investment opportunities for the long term. The proceeds from this book will go to Charity and I hope it sells like hotcakes! Watch for it!

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