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Never Doubt The 8th … But Doubt The Data

From the previous post two days ago … NASDAQ Had been bullish all through the month up till the close of Wednesday 27 October. NASDAQ was still well bullish at the start of the week and on Tuesday, I told my students about the Eighth Candle possibility with less than 4 days left in October. […]


October ’09 In Review – November ’09 Preview

Wow! What a month! Talk about intense. More than 110 bank failures for the year, another major scandal (Galleon), record lows for the Dollar (75.26 on 22 Oct), record (year) high for Oil ($81.27 on 22 Oct), record high for Gold ($1,065.30 on 19 Oct), AAPL at a record high of $205 after another smashing […]


Herd Instinct – Results of a Personal Poll

For about a month, during my rounds of Jakarta, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and here in Singapore, I have been taking a poll on what people are and have been trading as well as their results after periods of a year and more. The unofficial results did not surprise me but what was noticeable was the […]


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The Banks – Boomz or Bombz?

“My impression of the U.S. banking system is that it is quietly going insolvent in a manner that will become evident only when the slack for “significant judgment” (provided by the FASB earlier this year when it altered mark-to-market rules) is taken up so tightly that the rope snaps.” ~ John Hussman Yup, we’re talking […]


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Mid-October Update

Hold your breath. It’s that time of the year … the time of the year when the market either makes it or breaks it. It’s Crash or Rally time. We are all familiar with all the bad news that comes with this period of trading. Here’s a brief recap: 1929, Oct 24 (Black Thursday) The Great Depression […]


Art Cashin: How Today’s Market Is Like Dot-Com Bubble

Just a quick post. Been busy as hell but I’ll be back to posting this weekend if I can find some time. Enjoy! Then there’s this article I received from Richard … The Message of Dollar Disdain With U.S. debt set to exceed 100% of GDP in 2011, it’s no wonder people are looking for […]


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Double Dip, Recovery or Utter Madness?

This thing is really dragging itself out … and it would seem, to no end. It has been a long time since this market has been so clearly divided – on one side, we get the pessimists who insists that this market is due, not for a correction, but a sell-off of double dip proportions […]


As Promised, More Weekend Viewing Education

For those who still don’t know what this Credit Crisis is all about, here’s a really great visual treat from Jonathan Jarvis that simplifies the whole deal … The Crisis of Credit Visualized And then we have Steve Forbes from September last year with a reminder about the importance of a strong USD and what, in […]