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Weekend Food For Thought – Feb 24, 2012

People often ask me what I mean by “trading defensively“. That is a very simple question with a huge base of answers of which some are really common sense stuff that we do in our every day lives. So starting this weekend, I will be delivering a series of five lessons on what I do as […]

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Weekend Food For Thought – Feb 11, 2012

This week’s thought comes from my reply to someone who asked me something about the market in a way that most people would ask – as if Traders knew the future … Conrad, where do you see the economy heading? … what do you think the market is going to do? … is XXX a […]

Two Decades And A Woman

On February 08, 1992. I changed my life forever, for better or for worse, whether in good times or bad, regardless of sickness or health. On that day, I no longer was “me” … “Me” became “us”. That is the one day in history I would never change. That is the day I would live […]

Weekend Food For Thought – 4 Feb 2011

I shared this on my Facebook page and got quite the reception. So I just thought I’d document it here on my blog too. Weekend Food For Thought; People always ask me how I did it; Referring to getting bankrupted, living broke for almost 7 years, working my butt off, changing careers at 42 years […]