Weekend Food For Thought – 4 Feb 2011

I shared this on my Facebook page and got quite the reception. So I just thought I’d document it here on my blog too.

Weekend Food For Thought;

People always ask me how I did it; Referring to getting bankrupted, living broke for almost 7 years, working my butt off, changing careers at 42 years of age for something I had no idea about and no one to guide or mentor me, getting beaten by the market and still keep the determination to succeed as a Trader, then teach it and go on to help others to change their lives …

My answer; I had no choice, I had nothing left to lose, It was a “must” for me to succeed and frankly, if you were wearing my shoes then, you would have done the same thing.

The reason you ask me this question is because you still have a choice, you have a lot to lose, success is not a “must” because you have your comfort zone and frankly, you are not wearing those shoes which is why you will never understand why I did what I did when I did what I had to do.

So now that you know, what are you prepared to do?

Or will you wait till it is too late when “should have” becomes a “must“?

In a footnote, I added:

Come to think of it … the secret to success is Failure.

It is a very common story when you dig up all the success stories.

Here are some of the comments that followed:

Success is not something you dream about nor is it a goal to be achieved. I truly believe that success will come when it is earned, deserved and warranted.

Believe in what you do. Work earnestly. Be honest with yourself and with everyone. Do good deeds.

That’s is my secret to success after failure.

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Light will prevail to those that holds on the determination to succeed.

Agree totally, success belong to those working hard, smart and diligently. 99% of success don’t fall from the sky. And most of human thought it will , that is why human only manage to push to their limit and turn everything to a must when they fallen down into a pit.

Hopefully, i will avoid becoming one of the “fallen” and hope to join you soon mr conrad!

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