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InvestFair 07 – Post Mortem

  On the weekend of 25 and 26 August, 2007, AKLTG made its “Wealthy” presence known in a big way at Invest Fair 2007 at Suntec City.  This post is dedicated to the many PDCs and the Staff of AKLTG, each of whom made this event a super success!  We were visibly and audibly the […]


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SMI – 10 Weeks in the Top 4!

After its debut at No.4 on the Bestseller’s list on 3 June, 2007, Secrets of Millionaire Investors remains the only book that has stayed above its debut for 10 straight weeks!! Three of those weeks were spent at No.1 and 5 weeks at No.2. It also becomes one of only two books in 2007 that […]


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Special Market Update – 10 August 2007

No report today … just a quick observation after yesterday’s incredible drop. At the start of the week, I mentioned: With no data on Monday before the open, we’re likely to start the week down as a follow through from Friday into a Monday effect. Mid week might get a bounce, albeit a Dead Cat, […]


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Don’t put the Put down

One common problem that novices face is the fear or reservation of buying a Put option in a bearish market. Its not surprising if you consider how we’ve come to perceive a bearish market. Our Neurons have been programmed to think and react to a bearish market with negative connotations such as; Recession, Downturn, Crash, […]


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Are we there yet?

The following is taken from the original Daily Market Analysis report posted in my Forum. Don’t you love it when patterns become obvious and reliable? This past week was a nightmare for my record because the markets weren’t responding to candlesticks, the lack of a certain direction made conditions very choppy and worst of all, […]