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January 2010 In Review – February Preview

Apart from starting a new batch in January, there isn’t much else to review for the month of January. About the only thing worth talking about is how the market went from bull to bear in a matter of a week and changed the entire complexion of what was supposed to be a great start […]


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Market Update

U.S. Markets – Tuesday 26 January, 2010 AMC Just looking at those charts should make you nervous. If you weren’t in the market yesterday, you missed out on what it is really like to be in a nervy market where doubt and confusion rules and nothing makes sense. One thing was clear though … it […]


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Ready, Beary, … Go?

TECHNICAL UPDATE – FRIDAY 22 JANUARY, 2010 – BMO DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE ($INDU: CBOT) 10,389.88 -213.27 (-2.01%) Volume: 304,288,874(? +49.69%) Range: 10,374.69 – 10,614.94 (240.25 points) Originally Posted by Conrad on Thursday 21 January  … it’s only the worst day of the year and the biggest ranging day since 27 November 2009. Can’t say that it […]


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A Bullish Down Day?

U.S. Markets – Wednesday 20 January, 2010 AMC Originally Posted by Conrad  on Tuesday 19 January 2010  I can’t call this any other way seeing how DOW is finding it tough to break 10,725.00 while its volumes continue to display divergence. Furthermore, it’s hard to see the banks propping up the market especially after JPM and C […]


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You Want Charts?

In many of my posts last year, I ranted about how the market was “rallying on empty“, meaning that there was little or no fundamental basis for the market to be reaching such heady levels. Today, I feel no different but I won’t deny that the trend has been very profitable regardless of what the […]


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Where’s The War?

On 27 April 2009, in “What Now Brown Cow? … Bull Run or Bull S**T?”, I wrote: Didn’t I write somewhere on this blog that three things normally accompany a recession? Pandemic Natural Disasters on a national/international scale War Well, one down, two to go. That was in April last year at the end of […]


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Assess Youself

I thought I’d take a different spin on posting today and provide you statistical junkies with all sorts of on-line assessments so that you can “find” yourself and maybe help some of you with your … um … issues! No mumbo-jumo this week so let’s just cut to the chase and let’s have ourselves some […]