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I thought I’d take a different spin on posting today and provide you statistical junkies with all sorts of on-line assessments so that you can “find” yourself and maybe help some of you with your … um … issues!

No mumbo-jumo this week so let’s just cut to the chase and let’s have ourselves some fun!! Remember, it’s all about having fun and being able to laugh at ourselves.

Let’s start with your BMTI by using the Jung Typology Test™.  This test will help you find:


Now let’s move on to your Big Five Personality Test.   This test measures what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality.

You can even make a comparison Personality test by comparing yourself with say, your mom, brother, sister, etc by taking the Twins Interactive Personality Test.

Or maybe you’d like something more lighthearted and amazingly spot on – The Personality DNA Test


How about being honest with yourself? Check out this Personality Disorder Test! This should really put your mettle to the metal!


Now for everybody’s most quizzed test – The IQ Test.


If the test above was not your cup of tea, then the Am I Dumb? Common Sense Test should suit you better!


How about a Fear/Phobia Test? Or are too scared to take this one?


Love anyone? Check out Gary Chapman’s test for the 5 Languages of Love with his;

Personal Profiling and 30 Second Quizzes


Test the strength of your Marriage with the Marriage Assessment: How Strong Is Your Marriage?

Or take the Marriage Compatibility Test And Evaluation

And if you’re not married and wondering if it will work out, do the Marriage Readiness Test to see if you and your partner are up for it yet.


Are you an Alpha Male/Female? I think this one speaks for itself.


If you’re into Trivia, this site will keep you occupied for hours! Fun Trivia Quizzes


This is my favorite – What kind of Trader are you? Find out your Trading Personality with this wonderfully (and eerily) accurate test.

Well I hope you had fun!  Feel free to feedback your results by sharing your comments here.

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