No looking back now

After 6 long years of struggling and living a life of a recluse …


This is where my journey has taken me and for now, I like the road I’m on and the map that’s leading me to my destination.

Conrad, 42, is one Singapore’s few successful Full Time Professional On-Line Traders. He is very sought after for his intimate knowledge of Technical Analysis, Japanese Candlestick application, Sector Rotation and his unique Short Term Pattern Trading and Day Trading techniques. Two years ago, while tutoring students in his 3-room home, he created The Pattern Trader Tutorial and Forum and averaged US$5’000 in monthly profits.

Conrad has since taken residency as an instructor at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group and as the Group’s Investment Strategist. He conducts his own Pattern Trader Tutorial there and along with Adam Khoo, trains at the center’s Wealth Academy workshops. Conrad created and runs the Wealth Investor’s Club, the Wealth Academy Investor tutorials and conducts advanced tutorials in private sessions for students willing to pay the premium.

Today, Conrad is growing his portfolio at an average 19.9% a month. In January 2007, his one month profit exceeded US$16’000 with an average of US$1’200 per 12 minute Scalp. He has trained more than 70 students to date and has had no less than 4 who have become full time traders. Conrad’s trademark 5DPEG (5 Day Pre-Earnings Game) is a favorite amongst novices wanting to learn to trade and has a 92% success probability. Amongst others, he is also known for his low risk techniques which include the Minimal Risk Entries, PHI-Bonacci Expansion, The Variable Standard 6 and Sector Investing.

We’ve read incredible stories of rags to riches, amazing comebacks from financial ruin, miraculous recoveries from the brink of death … and each time, the stories go on to become legendary. The subjects always finish in a blaze of glory, rides off into the sunset with their millions and even get the girl.

Well, I haven’t had that ending written out because it hasn’t happened … yet. But at least I got the girl! Which is a lot more than I would ever ask for. But having come as far as I have, I now see those stories very differently. I truly believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

“Put your mind to it”.

On another day, in someone else’s life, its just five meaningless, cliche’d and overused words in a phrase that often goes in one ear and out the other. But stop for a moment and think seriously about these five words; “Put your mind to it”.

The mind. The most powerful yet underestimated and underutilized asset in our body. But the simplicity of changing one’s mind set and setting goals and taking 100% action to do anything and everything to achieve those goals, is often laughed off and even ridiculed … until the goals are achieved. Alas, even in triumph, the nay sayers will resort to remarks akin to, “he got lucky’, “he had help” or even “it could never happen to me”.

Over the last two years, I’ve received plenty of emails from people asking how I did it, what it takes to make it and why I never gave up. The last question came in many variations but the meaning was always the same; how does one get an indomitable spirit? I believe that everyone has this never-say-die attitude. The only thing holding back this powerful mind set is the culture in which we live. This false sense of security in our monthly incomes, the roof over our heads that’s owned by the banks, the car we will never pay up in full for and the belief that we can never amount to more than that piece of paper we worked 15 of our youthful years to attain.

I found my indomitable spirit not by choice but by circumstance. When my back was up against the wall and the obvious bleakness of my future was too apparent, I was given no choice but to make a decision, not for myself, but for my family. Nothing we choose to do is ever the most difficult option. Unless we have no other choice. And it is at those critical times that we reflect that if we had done things differently in the past, we would not have to make this choice now. So why do so many, not choose to make that choice now and not regret in the future, having not made that choice when they had the chance? Simplified: Why wait? Take action now!

When a couple gets married, they don’t actually plan to have a baby although its been said that marriage is the first step to starting a family. Some couples will sit and plan their financial future and resign themselves to the fact that they won’t be able to afford having a child yet. The cost of diapers, milk, the cot, sheets, clothes, bottles, nursery, kindergarten, books, school, tution, university and a maid … quite a drastic change to any lifestyle and surely a tear in anyone’s financial and logistical plans. But when baby accidentally comes along, everything seems to happen naturally. Finances seem to cope and lifestyles adapt. And before you realize it, you’re a family and everything takes on a different focus.

The reason for this smooth transition, the ease in which the transformation of lives takes shape and why we don’t get a rude awakening is all down to one simple truth; the situation demands that this happens. In other words, it becomes a “must” because there is no other choice.

Little wonder that those who do find a way out of this “predicament” often lead dysfunctional and guilt ridden lives that seem to go nowhere but downhill. They spend their lives in denial, always blaming and complaining and never taking responsibility for their plight. Chances are, long before the “predicament”, they were already living a life of denial and need. I have come to know this attitude, or any attitude, as a pattern of one’s life.

In trading, patterns are reliable and predictable. They often lead to profitable trades. However, if a consistent pattern is broken, it can be very detrimental to your trade. In life as in trading, patterns also have their merits … unless the pattern is an unhealthy one. If one chooses to live a life with an unhealthy pattern, as in trading, there can only be downside.

We have the choice to make a change in our strategy. We can choose to cut our losses on a downtrend and go short to make it profitable. Its not the most natural thing to do but it is achievable when a choice to change strategy is made. The choice to change our negative life patterns is also not a natural thing to do. But it is achievable when one resolves to change their strategy and do whatever it takes to make their lives richer, fuller and more meaningful.

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