Reflecting the year gone by …

Its been 14 months since I started teaching at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group and 11 months since my discharge from bankruptcy.

Since then, more than 450 students have graduated from 5 batches of Wealth Academy and more than 500 people have been through the Pattern Trader’s doors. In that time, the Pattern Trader Tutorial has become the most sought after Basic Trading program and still remains the most affordable and most value-for-money program available in S.E.A. so much so its demand in K.L. and Jakarta has seen its classes fill out effortlessly with little or no advertising and media attention. In late June 2007, the Tutorial in Singapore was already fully booked till January of 2008 and we had to open up two extra classes in November and December to accommodate the demand. Now the pattern is repeating itself in Malaysia and Indonesia and 2008 is already looking to be a hectic year. But I’m not complaining.

Wealth Academy has also grown in ways I never imagined it would. A condensed version of the workshop, Wealth Academy Investor, was offered to Jakarta and it was indeed a great success. Plans are already underway to host several more workshops there and to introduce it to K.L. This weekend, I kick off that awareness campaign in K.L. with a Preview of WAI for Malaysia.

2007 also saw me become a published author and a #1 bestselling author at that. The launch of Secrets of Millionaire Investors saw the book enter the Best-Sellers Top 10 at #4. It peaked at #1 for 3 weeks and stayed above its debut entry level for 10 weeks. That was a truly phenomenal experience for me. No words can describe the feeling of seeing your name on a best-selling book. To add to that sweet feeling were the constant feedback from readers that claimed that it was easily the most comprehensible book ever written on investing. I am truly proud of that.

In July, I took an extremely fruitful trip to San Diego to further my education and knowledge about my profession. I met many wonderful experts and gurus at the San Diego Trader’s Expo, amongst them, Jon “Dr J” Najarian, Daniel Gramza, Tom Sosnoff, John Person, Sandy Jadeja and Ron Ianieri. The lessons I got and the experiences that were shared will always be priceless and I am more than glad I took that trip.

Then in October, I conducted my first real public seminar at InvestFair 2007. This was a mind blowing experience and my first time in front of more than 300 people. For someone who didn’t know anything about selling just a few months earlier, here I was, yakking my head off in two session to a total of more than 700 people in two days. I couldn’t believe that anyone would have wanted to hear what I had to say. What a rush!

But the one accomplishment that stands out in my mind for 2007, was the publication of my Candlestick Patterns Quick Reference Cards. This has become such a hot seller that I am planning an on-line version of it to be released later in April this year. The workshops have been a full-house every time and the most recent one, held in Jakarta, was a mind-blowing experience for the Indonesians for whom, many did not even know about its proper application. To date, since its release late in May 2007, the cards have sold more than 1’500 copies in Singapore, Malaysia and Jakarta. And the numbers just keep coming.

Lastly, my trades have seen an exponential growth in consistency and profits. This is something I credit to being a teacher and a coach. I truly believe that one can only get better when one shares, teaches and grows in a group. Putting myself on the line has exposed my every weakness for which I have no way out but to improve and practice what I preach. Bringing myself back to my roots via a $2,000 trading account, has kept my trades real and humble. My “smaller” traders see that what I teach is truly applicable because I am trading exactly what I teach while my “bigger” traders know how I am also making a sizable income from my larger accounts. Everything is real and achievable and the students appreciate that.

My students have made me proud to know that what I teach is applicable to what they want to trade, be it equities, currencies or options. They are also able to trade in any market anywhere in the world using any instrument they’re comfortable with. But I am most proud of the fact that they are flexible enough to trade several instruments and are able to stretch the parameters of what they have learned. Pattern Traders RAWK!!

2007 was a year of growth and a recovery from bankruptcy. This recovery, I am told, is remarkable and to some, almost miraculous. I still have no idea what the big deal is because I simply did what I had to do but friends, colleagues and students alike have told me that what I have done is unheard of or at best, rare. I have since realized that it is true that a lot of bankrupts never make it back and those that do, struggle for the longest time, if not for the rest of their lives. Only a few really make it back up and beyond and I am supposed to be amongst those numbers. Still, I maintain that it’s nothing to crow about because in order to have succeeded, I had to fail several times before. It is so humiliating yet humbling to have groveled amongst the poor and desperate but having come back, I only have one focus … to help to prevent others from taking that path to down-there.

So if someone tells me that I have done the impossible, my only response will be that there are more impossible things to accomplish – like helping others to do what I have done.

I have done and will continue to do whatever it takes to change and make people’s lives better because I know no better way to give back what I have gained. I must and I will achieve a higher goal than myself.

I remain, humbly,


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I am so happy on your success. Please keep it up friend.


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