The Last Week Of October.

This coming week, for me, marks the anniversary of many occasions and milestones in my life. And three years into my trading career, it also marks a critical time in the market as we endure the worst financial crisis the world has ever experienced.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the infamous Black Monday of 1929 … a time that our current situation is being compared to. As the world reels in fear of this global recession, investors shake in fear of the worst. Already, traders in the U.S. are stepping out in front of trains and jumping off high rises. God help the others whose hearts are still beating.

I am glad my traders (well, most of them anyway) are responsible, careful and defensive traders who have been conservative and cautious during this period and judging from their feedback, are not losing money and in fact, are profiting from this current downtrend. This makes me proud and it makes me glad that what I teach is not killing them, unlike traders who take crazy risks when the market itself is already crazy in its own sense.

The last week of October, for me, is not all gloom and doom … thankfully.

This week marks some of the happiest moments in my life and many more thankful memories that I will take with me for the rest of my life …

Back in 1977, this week marked my entrance into the world of entrepreneurship when I shifted into Lagoon View/Laguna Park as a 13 year old. That holiday period saw me make more money that most company executives make in a month. It was a life changing moment for me as it marked the way I would live till now; as an independent money maker who never says die and never takes no for an answer and is only accountable to myself. I am, today, the same kid who is constantly looking for opportunities and always taking advantage in adversity.

During my media production days, the last week of October was always a good time as film and video projects were commissioned during that week for production during November for Christmas commercials and PR projects. I had always looked forward to this period because in this one week, I could make all my salary for the next year. I was seldom disappointed with business during this week.

Halloween also happens to be the day my son was born 11 years ago. Back then, I had just closed down my Media Division in the former Ken Air Leisure Group and was unemployed. It was a difficult time but the joy of having my son delivered to me and having my wife healthy and safe, overwhelmed any downside that life was throwing at me. Rather than mull over the difficulties, my wife and I chose to focus on being happy with our second child and having our lives and our happy family.

Three years ago, the last week in October marked the lowest point in my trading career, having lost more than US$20K of money I didn’t have … it was my wife’s hard earned salary that went down the drain. But in spite of this, she kept the faith in my abilities and allowed me to take this challenge on for another year. It was the best investment she ever made because she knew my intrinsic value and the strength of my fundamentals. :)) Rather than mull over the loss, I made it a major turning point in my life.

In recent years, the last week of October also marked my partnership with Adam Khoo in 2006 – a moment that was to change my life to what it is today. October 2006 is also the time I initiated action for my discharge from bankruptcy. (Ironic joy when you consider that I realized that my Media Business started going bust 7 years before that during that same week!)

The last week of October also marks my loving wife’s birthday, three days before my son’s.  This is something I take most seriously as none of my achievements would have been possible without her birth.

She came into my life in 1989 (no, it wasn’t in the last week of October) and everything thereafter took on new meaning. We struggled together during our early years. I was a grunt in the media industry and she was a counter girl at Tangs. Between us, we never had enough money and often shared a packet of fried rice – something we still do today because this culture has become an integral part of out lives, and we love it. We were never extravagant even when we could occasionally afford it. Financial management was always my failing and she, for more than 10 years, continually nagged me about it. It wasn’t until I was bankrupt that I learned the true value of her nags.

Before my bankruptcy, she had constantly been by my side, through every joy, every pitfall and through every adversity. There were times when she had doubts but her will never wavered and she always kept faith in my entrepreneual spirit in spite of my several failures. She gave birth to my first child, my daughter, during a time when we were down and in debt. We raised out two lovely kids during a time when I was bust and struggling as a video producer. She went out to work even when she had to suffer delibitating pains in her neck and back. She watched my back as I struggled to make my life a success. She protected whatever we had when I was bankrupt and powerless to do so. She kept me grounded as I began realizing success as a trader. She stayed firm as a rock when others saw opportunity to take advantage of my success. She loved me even when my love waned and was severely tested.

I have always loved my wife, even when I thought I didn’t, even when we had our disagreements … deep down, deep deep down, I have always loved her.

Today, I can’t let her out of my sight. I don’t want to be away from her. She travels with me when I go overseas to teach. She keeps my nights from being lonely. (If she can’t accompany me, we keep our Skype on so it seems like she’s with me.)

For everything that Lucy has done for me, I could never match it to return to her … not even half.

Someone once asked me, “How does a man find a wife like Lucy?”

To him, my answer is, “You have to be blessed and you must feel honored.”

Happy Birthday, my love. I pray for many more birthdays and anniversaries to come. You truly do complete me.

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