Wealth Academy July 2007

WA Logo Its coming around again! This 26 to 29 July will see me co-run my second Wealth Academy Camp beside Adam and if my first camp was anything to go by, this second one is going to rock some people’s worlds and change most of their lives, more than the previous one did.

Wealth Academy from Adam Khoo Learnings Technologies Group (AKLTG) had run three camps prior to my arrival. It was in need of something more and Adam wanted a few changes to the syllabus to help the camp get that extra edge it needed for its participants. It also had to retain some of the experiential factors that run common with all of AKLTG’s programs and previous WA Camps.

So in I step, bringing with me the experience of having failed before but now selling the idea that anyone is able to make their lives better if they plan and take action. I became the poster boy for the campaign as the strategies I used in my efforts to recover from bankruptcy, ran in tandem to what was being taught in WA plus I had a few other tips under my sleeve. Between Adam and myself, we recreated WA to this effect and incorporated more investment ideas as the main tool to generate and grow wealth. We showed how one idea can be turned into a myriad of opportunities to create multiple streams of income to supplement the main wealth vehicle.

Most important of all, we taught everyone that anyone could do this if armed with the proper mindset and skillset. That’s where it all begins. With the right mindset, you can set out on your goals by taking action and putting in more than 100%. The right skillset will see that you persevere and never quit. The experiences you take on this journey will further strengthen your foundation of mind and skill to a level where you will be able to change or improve your strategy accordingly. Success never happens by accident, rather, it happens by choice.

WA Camp April 2007
WA Camp April 2007

The Camp begins with getting everyone into the right minset. Everyone assesses themselves based on their current financial status and future needs. They learn to balance their finances and identify shortfalls in their current plans then identify the areas in their lives in which improvements have to be made. These improvements include better financial management and monetary skills, better temperament, addressing unproductive life patterns and personal limiting beliefs. The significance of addressing these issues are played out in several games segments as we strongly believe that games are a reflection of the way we live our lives. Such self reflections have often brought tears of realization to our participants, many of whom have gone on to make changes or improvements to their patterns in life.

Throughout all these experiences during the camp, we have Coaches that will assist, guide and mentor each and every participant. Some participants will need more guidance and others will benefit from what this important group of people can bring to the table. Each of our Coaches are experienced and trained in life skills or financial skills. Most are skilled in both finance and life. This precious collection of people are the backbone of WA’s program, without whom this camp would be meaningless. Their passion and dedication to their tasks is even more admirable when you consider that they are unpaid volunteers who have put in personal time and effort to help Adam and me bring this wonderful experience to our participants. It is their belief and their commitment to this belief that drives them to become better people and improve their skills as Coaches so as to achieve a better lot in their lives and the lives they touch. I love them dearly and respect them immensely.

Coaches of WA April 2007
WA Coaches, April 2007

So how is Wealth Academy different from the Wealth Academy Trader?

The Wealth Academy Trader (WAT) is a brand name that brings to the public, TRADING Tutorials, Workshops, Seminars and Masterclasses. Its all about trading on a day to day basis to earn a main income or secondary income. Trading is about getting in and out of the market on a regular or daily basis and the work involved can be rather intensive as compared to the long term investment styles taught at WA.

Wealth Academy, on the other hand, addresses deeper issues of personal and financial management and other avenues of wealth creation, other than trading and investing. Such issues include Intellectual Property, Internet Marketing (at a limited level), Long Term Investing and Money Management. On the investment front, WA will show the participant how to take on two widely practiced styles of investing, namely Value Investing and Momentum Investing. Basic fundamental and technical information is shared during this portion of the camp to arm the participant against the dangers of the market place so as to minimize risk and leverage on the strengths of the market to optimize profits. Between Adam and myself, I believe that no one else in the market goes as in-depth and as basic a level as we do in order to allow our participants a comprehensive understanding of their task at hand. This knowledge and experience doesn’t end after the camp does … there is a further 18th month hand-holding period in which participants can continue to meet and catch up on other skills via a 6 session booster program. Participants will also form Wealth Builder Groups to keep in touch, inspire and motivate each other to the next level of growth.

So in short, WA is not just about investing. It is beneficial to sales persons, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to take their money making and managerial skills to the next level or to give budding money makers a head start in their endeavors.

WA April 2007 Graduation
Wealth Academy Whoosh 04, April 2007

The greatest experience that most of our participants get out of WA is the incorporation of AKLTG into their lives. The friends you make, the emotions you go through and the lessons you take from WA go far beyond the classroom because it becomes the very essence of your life. Most graduates have come back to further themselves in our other programs such as Patterns of Excellence, Pattern Trader Tutorial and some even come back to take their experience to the next level as Coaches. Others even get their children involved with Adam’s renowned Kid’s programs, SuperKids and I Am Gifted, aimed at children between 9 and 19. Personally, both my kids are graduates of these programs and they want more!

Before I go on any further, let me disclaim that I am not a partner at AKLTG. I only train there. But AKLTG has become a part of my life, just as it has for many of my students. It has become an extended family in my life. The love and sharing that goes on there is unrivaled and the common bond between participants is clear and honest in the way we communicate and live our lives.

Thus my final point is to bring to everyone the obvious next step in AKLTG’s pursuit of this community of Go-Getters. Adam and I will be formally inaugurating the Wealth Academy Investor’s Club at the next WA Camp in July 2007. This Club has long been my vision to bring together people with a common goal and shared interest so that we can all grow together, share resources and experiences, as well as motivate and inspire its members to keep up the good fight. There has been none like it before and it has taken me a long time to develop this idea based on the driving forces of the Club’s own members with its own ideas.

If ever there was a group of people capable of realizing this dream with me, if ever there was a right time for this, the people and time are here and now.

Wealth Academy is going to push the envelope to its limits and when we get there, we’re going to push some more.

Where will you be when we get there?

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