What it means to teach

And this is why I love teaching.

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Just to share with you something you would be proud of.

Couple of days ago during a casual meeting of friends, I met a professional trader who migrated from Canada to Singapore because his company (which i believe is a trading firm) wanted him to relocate here and who I strongly believe is raking in a lot of money judging from his young age and the house he lives in…(hence what he says should have at least some degree of reliability).

We talked in general about trading. He trades the Hang Seng and Japanese index and we talked about irrational behavior. And then we talked about the psychology of trading and he was utterly shocked and surprised that someone my age understood the importance of cutting loss and the great emphasis on the psychology and emotions involved in every trade.

He was rather astonished that even though I had not worked in a professional trading firm and haven’t even gone into proper tertiary education in university, I already had an understanding of basic technical analysis, candlesticks , cutting losses and the psychology of trading. And he was surprised too that, I mentioned, as you have taught before, that ‘There is only one guarantee in trading; And that is one WILL lose money’, and he totally agreed with it..

This, I attributed all to you and he was really very impressed by your teaching methods.

I’m glad to have made the choice of selecting your WAT Tutorial over countless other courses which God-knows, might have taught me the wrong things and got me started on the wrong foot.

So just so you know, you have done and are doing a terrific job. Not everyone would agree but I’m sure those who graduate from your course and CONSISTENTLY CARRY ON PRACTISING what you have taught would definitely benefit from it, maybe even to the extent of making a lot of money . I finally understand the true difference between just learning and reading something and truly applying what one has learned.

Thanks for everything!!~

And anyway.. I’m flying next Saturday .. and on last check .. I might be able to squeeze in for next Friday’s gathering .. so hopefully get to catch up with you and the other traders too!

Justin Teo

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