The world is losing it.

Has the world gone mad? Has Mother Nature decided to weigh in on our man-made crisis and what’s next?

In Jawa Timor, people are killing themselves over S$6 simply because unthinking rich businessmen think they’re doing their community a favor by dolling out dollars as tithes during Ramadan. The poor will crowd the businessman’s front gates and thousands others, flocking from the rear, push up front and crush women and children with their greed … for 6 bucks.

Typhoons and Hurricanes lash out in the East and West taking lives and creating destruction as they leave, adding to the woes of a year already reeling from a start of earthquakes and floods.

Markets and economies also reel from the global financial mess brought about by financial institutions that never considered that the worse that could happen would actually happen. Years ago, when they decided on making a fortune from “discount” mortgages, they didn’t imagine that it could unwind before their eyes and blow up in their faces. Today, people are walking out of those offices with boxes and bags in their arms.

And as the world takes stock of its current woes, one must wonder what else could be worse than this?

Consider this … we still haven’t heard from our tiniest enemies yet and it has been a long time since their last “visit”.

Be well and be happy with what you have for it may not be tomorrow.

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