Open Letter to a Pirate

Dear VJ (Not his real name because he is hiding behind a pseudonym),

A pirate is a pirate, no matter how you paint him. As long as you take other people’s printed material, duplicate it and sell it, you cannot use the “public domain” excuse to defend yourself. Your long and pitiful justification only serves to paint a more horrible picture of a liar and a cheat.

You have blatantly copied my cards, its designs, words and format. And you are selling them with the claim that this is your original work. This has nothing to do with public domain.  You are a lazy bastard who has no interest in creating your own material. You simply rip off other people’s hard work and then you rip off your paying students. You have also copied the material of;


I am sure the owners of the above sites will be curious about your “public domain” claim. Shall we find out? After communicating to several of them, it was interesting to know that they never allowed their material to be used as “public domain” because they have copyrights. And they never heard of you.

Also, I wonder how your “sponsors” will feel if they found out? And let’s not forget Audi … another one of your “official” sponsors. I wonder if they know that they are your sponsors because after talking to them, they don’t seem to recall meeting you.


I am not done yet. Not by a long shot.

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