How many times have you heard someone lament about “his lot in life” or that “fate dealt an unfair hand”? How many times have you been guilty of it yourself? How often do you hear about people resigning themselves to their “destiny” of mediocrity and strife? Most commonly, I am sure all of us have heard about complains about an unhappy life … aaahhh … I am sure we can all relate to that last one.

Choose. That’s all you have to do to get out of that doldrum, that fate, that “destiny”.  and all that unhappiness. Just Choose!

Okay, so life is f**ked up. Life sux. Life is full of s**t. That’s great! Choose to accept it or not. No one is going to force you to make that choice. You only have to do it yourself.

So, say you choose to accept it. Great.  You’ve chosen to accept your life of shit. No one forced you to and no one but yourself is responsible for that choice. So since that’s your choice, stop bitching about it and live it. Your life is going to be shit and your future will suck. You chose to accept it so take it and shaddup since its obvious you’re not going to get any better and any wiser about it. Have a mediocre life and see you around.

On the other hand, you choose to reject that life is all f**cked up and that there must be something better for you. So you choose to believe that there is more. Since you’ve chosen to believe that there is more, then really BELIEVE it! Choose what you want to believe – you can be better, you can be the best or you can choose to not have a limit to your potential.

Now that you have chosen to believe in yourself, choose your goal – wealth, abundance, love, happiness, God …

Choose the vision and make it clear and loud – a big house, lots of money, oodles of love, everlasting happiness, God’s ever blessed touch …

Now choose to wake up every morning with those visions in your head and the belief that it will happen. Go about your life with a smile that only you know what your future holds. To make things easier and to make it more real, stick your goals up on your wall above your bed. Find pictures that best represent your goals and stick them up. Write out your beliefs everyday, whether on paper or digitally – you don’t have to keep it – as long as it’s a daily routine. You can choose to write that you believe that you will realize your goals within a couple of years or that you will find/improve your love life by when or that you will attain a closer affinity to God, family and friends, etc. In time, as you diligently write and believe in what you write, you will find that these goals and beliefs will morph and adapt to your changing times, moods and better fortune.

Once you’ve gotten into that habit, choose the values that mean the most to you – family, friends, pets, love, God – and detail what they mean to you on paper. Stick these values up next to your goals. Then choose to be disciplined about looking at your goals every morning and reading your values out loud. Choose to believe it will happen and that today may just be the day.

You have a power … we all do. And that is the power to choose. Every choice has a consequence.

Choosing to accept the negatives will only result in negative consequences.  Choosing to do nothing but bitch about it will only bring on more negativity. Now what good will that bring?

Choosing to be positive can only bring positives and will surely spur action! Just choosing to be happy for nothing has a better consequence than being angry at something.

So CHOOSE! I did. And I am happier, wealthier and loved… just the way I envisioned it and it is more than what I expected it to be.

*FOOTNOTE: Rather than choose to make a big deal out of some stupid and negative situation for which you have no control … you know that it makes more sense to make a bigger deal out of a positive and empowering goal that you have total control in achieving.

Think Law of Attraction and you’ll agree.

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