Weekend Food For Thought – 23 Sep 2012

During my recent Candlestick & Breakout Patterns workshop in KL, I noticed by taking a poll, that hardly any one these days plays those strategic games of old such as “Risk” and “Battleship” or even “Monopoly”.

No wonder so many of my students these days don’t know how to strategize, plan and manage their trades and risks.

These games were in a time when one really had to use their brains and think. Hardly anyone plays chess anymore too. Instead, its Angry Birds, Starcraft, etc, which hardly makes the brain work compared to the complex board games of old.

Here’s my weekend tip to everyone;

Increase your EQ by playing Risk, Battleship and Chess. Its cheaper, greener and more intellectually rewarding. Plus they don’t up-sell upgrades and newer versions!

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