One Massive Update!

Its been a fast, frenetic and eventful three months and yours truly has been up to his neck with travels and classes … not that I’m complaining, mind you … its a great problem to have.  So here’s a quick catch up on everything that’s happened …

Topic 1 of 6: Another Great Gathering!


And what a night it was. Unlike the usual noisy and rowdy gatherings of the past, this one was a night of extremes. The crowd was by far, the largest we’ve ever had in my 17 months of hosting these monthly events for the past 17 batches – even the batch number amazed me if you consider that I never considered this tutorial to be anything other than a basic course for novices, that it would become as popular as it is today – and it was good to see some “old” familiar faces again.

As usual, I started with some jaw dropping stuff about the markets and fished out some sectors and tickers to watch. I made a bold analysis on the market; that the DOW would see 11,200 – 10,800 before we had any chance of seeing some serious upside in the next 3 to 4 months … Oil could well hit $200 before September 2008 … and I reinforced my belief that the market will generally be sideways till 2011 around Q3. Far beyond me to make such public declarations, but the temptation of showing off got the better of me … now we wait and see if I am worth my salt in technical analysis!

Kiat Haw then laughed the crowd with his tutorial on the TOS platform. It put a lump in my throat to see this young man up on stage in front of a 100+ people – teaching them the proper way to navigate a professional trading and charting workstation – considering that only a year ago, he graduated as a novice trader (still studying in the Uni) and now trading consistently and teaching what he knows. Rawk on KH86!!

The highlight of the night was the long awaited contribution of friend whom I met on-line who, in my humble opinion, is easily the most consistent, knowledgeable, educated and trained Options Trader this country has to offer … the Greeksman himself, Jack Wong.


He gave an in depth look at the complexities of options strategies and debunked many myths and beliefs about this style of trading. His stress on the importance of psychology sounded familiar, like we spoke the same language. Not surprising if you consider that it’s a common trait amongst successful traders. His mind-blowing strategies and approach to writing options really rawk’d a few people’s worlds while enforcing more education on others. What I wouldn’t do to have this man on the team permanently! Keep up the good fight, my dear friend … you, in my eyes, are the best!


I am so looking forward to the next reason for having another big bash like last night.


Topic 2 of 6: Congratulations to WA11!!

WA11 Cohort

 Another wonderful batch of wealth aspirants and it must be said that his batch was indeed the hungriest by a long shot. They really stretched Adam and myself and took this workshop to the next level.


And we couldn’t have done it without the help of one of the most dedicated bunch of coaches this year. As always, they made the difference in this workshop in spite of the lack of preparation and missing a lot of senior/veteran coaches. You fellas stepped up and I am proud of each and every effort that all of you put into this camp. You made the impossible look ridiculous! RAWK ON!!




Topic 3 of 6: WATMY 03


 The 18th to 20th of April saw the Pattern Trader Tutorial graduate its third Malaysian batch and it was a blast! Thanks to the seniors who made the trip to come back and help out while re-learning what they had learned a few months earlier.


Alicia, Akalawoo, Henry, Melvyn and me.

 And a special, special heap of gratitude to the bunch of guys and gal, who have been nothing short of dedicated, loyal, loving and caring, who share the same passion of sharing and giving in the name of education and life changing. I salute you, Alicia, Lawrence, Henry and Melvyn. You have my best wishes for a wealthy and healthy future. Let’s keep making a difference!!


Topic 4 of 6: Congrats! To The Inaugural WAT Jakarta Batch 01!!

This was the ideal start for the Pattern Trader Tutorial in Indonesia … a batch of hungry and eager-to-learn traders who will do whatever it takes to make this business work for them.


To all of you, including my youngest student (at 13 years!), Thank you for your support and All the best and Happy Hunting Always!!


Topic 5 of 6: Conrad In INVEST Magazine in June/July!

Invest Article

Check me out! I’m a big deal! (Haw Haw Haw!!)

Below is the link to the transcript of the copy. Have fun reading!

 Trading To Trade Well (Click Here to read)


Topic 6 of 6: My Second BookWill Be Out Early August!

 The book I’ve been busting my ass on for the past year is targeted to be out on the shelves by end July/early August. It will focus on the psychology of successful trading.  It will also be a reflection of how lives can be improved to achieve so much more, simply by changing a few simple mindsets and keeping a focus – very much how a consistent trader makes it in the financial markets. It will look at the damage that limiting beliefs can have on everyday things and how it can stunt your potential to achieve greater things in life and wealth.  This book will not all be about trading psychology. If anyone wants to take him/herself seriously and make that significant changes in their lives and to achieve the things they have only dreamed about till now, then this might just be the anecdote they’ve been looking for.

Also watch out for two new happenings –

1. The Pattern Trader Tools website which should be launch very soon. It will feature all sorts of training aids and help tools and on-line tutorials for the newbie trader.  Other features include video tutorials, products, books and on-line trading games to help sharpen your trading and investing skills.

2. The anticipated follow up to the CANDLESTICK PATTERNS QUICK REFERENCE CARDS will also be launch at the same time (about two months from now) and it will be BREAKOUT PATTERNS QUICK REFERENCE CARDS.Â

 Keep your eye on this spot for more updates on the launches.


 That’s a massive catch-up posting! *PHEW!* I gotta stop procrastinating these posts coz I don’t wanna do this again!

Till the next posting, Happy Hunting to all!!

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