I Am Not Leaving AKLTG!

For the record so that the confusion and speculation stops …

AKLTG stands for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. This company is owned by my good friend Adam Khoo. I am not a partner or associate of AKLTG. I am just Adam’s good friend and I happen to be teaching under his roof by his good graces.

Wealth Academy (WA) is a program I co-created with Adam for INVESTORS, high net-worth individuals and those looking for a passive way to make their money work harder. I was also the co-trainer alongside Adam at this workshop from 2007 to 2012. With effect from 26 August 2012, I no longer teach at this workshop. The website and brochure still bear my face because they haven’t updated them yet. My reason for quitting the program I love so much and helped to create is so that I can concentrate on my own program …

Wealth Academy Trader (WAT aka Pattern Trader Tutorial) is my own complete and holistic Finance and Economics program which has been running at AKLTG since late 2006. This program and myself are not leaving AKLTG. It is still AKLTG’s premium program (ie most expensive, lengthy and intensive) and will continue to be hosted by AKLTG because Adam is still my good friend and he believes in my program.

WAT runs several Specialist Workshops exclusively for its graduates only, who wish to further their skills;

All these Specialist Workshops will be run from AKLTG and are not open to the public.

AKLTG is currently still at Keppel Towers in Tanjong Pagar. However, the lease there will be expiring in 2013 and AKLTG will be moving premises soon. The next training center is expected to be centrally and conveniently  located in town (no details as yet) but the administrative offices will be moving to the Paya Lebar/Eunos area (no details yet).

WAT IS NOT MOVING OUT OR LEAVING AKLTG! It is merely following the company where ever it relocates to.

The Pattern Trader Tools website is my own thing and has no relation to AKLTG. This website business is run by two WAT alumni and myself.

The Candlestick Patterns Quick Reference Cards and the Breakout Patterns Quick Reference Cards are my own products and does not belong to AKLTG or Pattern Trader Tools – they are my re-sellers.

And finally …

That last one is to test if you have been paying attention to everything I have written. I hope this ends all the misunderstandings, rumors and hear-say.

Thank you.

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