Wealth Academy September 2007

Wealth Academy Whoosh 06 – September 13 to 16

In one of the highest energy-packed workshops I’ve ever conducted, Whoosh 06 has brought to my realization, the significance and importance of what Adam and I do at Wealth Academy. The lives we touched and inspired truly came to the fore this time as we built on the successes of past workshops and changed to improve on weaknesses from lessons learned.

We gave a workshop that was, in my opinion, the best we’ve yet to offer to all the 76 participants of Whoosh 06. The good news is even as we take stock of the events this weekend, Adam and I are already planning to improve on this and push the envelope further. We want to make November’s workshop really rock hard.

Wealth Academy July 2007 - Whoosh 06

Wealth Academy July 2007 – Whoosh 06

SX1SX2High Five

As always, that level of energy and the success of this September Workshop was due in no small part, to that ever hungry, ever giving and ever loving bunch of high-on-life people I call MY Coaches! You guys really rock my world! And the tireless staff who worked way into the wee hours, you fellas are awesome!

Whoosh 06 Coaches

The Mad Bunch!

Congratulations to Sumitro Salin for winning the Millionaire Challenge by a record margin!

To all the participants, it was such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to be part of this workshop and I am so looking forward to the next one. So till the we meet at Booster Night … Dream Big, Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish!


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