Trader’s Expo, San Diego, June 20-23, 2007

Amongst the highlights of my Trader’s Journey so far, this must rank at the top of all else … till a better one comes along next year.

To share the same table and talk space with these greats and legends is more than just a wet dream come true. But what made it all the more compelling was that we all spoke the same language, with similar mindsets and common opinions.


From Left: Sandy Jadeja (ODL Securities), Tom Sosnoff (ThinkOrSwim), Ron Ianieri (OptionsUniversity), Jon “Dr J” Najarian (optionMONSTER), me and Pat, Don Kaufman (ThinkOrSwim), Brett Fogle (OptionsUniversity)


Jon Najarian, John Person, me, Ron Ianieri and Brett Fogle, after a BIG dinner, as you can probably tell.

Dan Gramza

Daniel “Chapter 17″Gramza, whom I so respect, even more now that I have met and shared with him.

To have walked, talked, dined and wined with Giants … now to move on to bigger things … to lecture at similar conventions with them! Here’s to my new goal.

Thanks to Jon Najarian and John Person for sharing their thoughts and insights and spending their precious time with me … my deepest gratitude to Dan Gramza for his encouragement and support … Sandy Jadeja for believing in my visions … Tom Sosnoff, Don Kaufman and the team from ThinkOrSwim for their support and efforts … and last but never least, Ron Ianieri and Brett Fogle for taking my fight to the next level.

You guys have rocked my world and I look forward to our next one in Feb next year!

Cheers and Rock On!


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