The New Paper SUVival Challenge ’08


Gone are the rally days that Conman used to love. The young fella has now grown into a family man and has found a new recreational sport that his family also loves! And for the first time, we took part in a treasure hunt rally in our brand new Suzuki Grand Vitara … we must’ve been mad to want to thrash our new car like this!!

Out of 110 cars, Team 109 finished 30th with 377 points … not bad considering its our first time and there were about 25 SUVEC cars in the Challenge with the top prize winners averaging between 400 to 500 points. Not bad, also, considering Team 109 made two boo-boos en-route … the first time, we misread a “go straight” for a left turn and the second time, we went straight instead of going left!

But we got to Berjaya Hills in one piece after we completed all the challenge stages – Lucy navigated our asses from point to point and kept me alert all the way, Elliot flew a kite, I counted stairs at Batu Caves, Alison answered most of the treasure hunt clues and I parked the Vit 11.5cm away from a pole for full marks – with a team spirit that surprised even me … I am proud to have this family as my team!

VitTired Driver

The next morning, EARLY in the morning ( … groan … ) we were up and ready for the big thrill … we were going to put Vit into the mud and really pull out all the stops on our new baby. She did not disappoint. What a thrill it was … pity we couldn’t get more pics of that run.

Rolling OffThis is it!Mud Time!

The ride home started at 2pm and we barrelled along and pushed the Vit to about 165km/h along the NS Highway. We stopped twice for a piss-and-petrol-stop but still managed to get to the Tuas Checkpoint by 18:30 hours, before sundown – something I needed to accomplish because I can’t stand driving in the dark.

Its been a wonderful experience and something that brought the whole family closer. I’d do it again in a heartbeat but the next time we go off road, I’m pimping out the Vit big time!!

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