Taking A Long Break

I am tired. And I need a break. I also need time to regroup and reorganise.

My health has taken a beating and I need to slow down. The demand for the tutorial has also slowed significantly. Thus, I don’t see the point in pressing on too hard while I should be using this time to rest and recoup instead.

I will be running only two more batches in Singapore; WAT72 (starting on 2 May) and WAT 73 (starting on 11 June) and one in K.L. (starting on 4 July). After that, I will be taking a long break to recoup during which I will be having my fourth operation in three years. The break will give me time to heal properly.

The earliest I may return to teaching could be in September. However, if circumstances don’t improve by then, I may choose to return in November.

The community will still go on with their monthly Gatherings and Specialist Workshops in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I will still continue to support my existing students and past graduates. I just won’t be taking any new Tutorial batches till either September or November.

During this break, I will also be reorganising how The Pattern Trader Tutorial & Tools will run in the future and how it will move forward for the coming years. Change is necessary as the brand expands. How the changes will shape up is something I need time to work on. Thus, this break will give me time to clear my head and plan for the long term future.

I am also looking forward to accepting an offer from an American publisher and that means I might be away for up to a year if and when it happens. On top of that, I also need to consider my expansion into India and Australia next year. All this means that I will have less time in Singapore to do my Tutorials from 2015 onwards.

So, if you had plans to join the Tutorial or if your friends were planning on doing the same, you’d better jump in now or it will be a long and possibly indefinite wait till I resume teaching again. For details on the up-coming Preview dates, schedules and costs, send your queries to patterntrader@akltg.com.

The upside for me is that I will have time to trade properly again while I recover from my op.

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