8 Week WAT Hands-On Tutelage

These additional 8 lessons in 8 weeks is to give the students an introduction to putting into practice what they’ve learnt. This continued learning process ensures that what is gained in the Tutorial’s 8 weeks is not lost and that the educational momentum continues post-Tutorial with lots of Hands-On experience.

Guided by WAT’s dedicated and well-versed coaches, the Tutelage sessions are where students can front their difficulties, doubts, confusions, trading and psychological issues to have them addressed on-the-spot.

Only WAT graduates need apply.

Lesson 1 (Monitoring the Market):

Lesson 2 (Finding Tradable Stocks):

Lesson 3 (Beginning of a Trader’s Journey):

Lesson 4 (Understanding Technical Analysis):

Lesson 5 (Minimise Trading Risk):

Lesson 6 (Options Trading):

Lesson 7 (Trading for A Living):

Lesson 8 (Graduation):

*Course Content subject to updates and changes

For program schedule and payment details; contact: patterntrader@akltg.com