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And this is why I don’t sell dreams. Having graduated from several of these “get-rich-quick” workshops/seminars, I came to realize (the hard way) that these dreams only serve to realize the dreams of the guru instead of the student. Thus, anyone who has attended my Previews, Tutorials or workshops, would agree that I have done the right thing by telling the truth about this business. Read the article and you’ll find a lot of things in there will sound familiar if you have heard me before.

Some of the mentions in the article include,

“the tactics they teach don’t really work … 99% will get slaughtered.”

“If there are profits, they are very minimal …”

” … they only sell hope …”

“… it is impossible to be an expert trader overnight. Any kind of trading involves a lot of hard work, preparation and practice.”

“I really studied and practiced hard for six months to earn this (recoup his course fee of $3,800) money.”

But the one thing the article doesn’t mention is the one thing I always stress … YOU WILL LOSE MONEY!! It’s the way you lose, or rather, the way you control your losses that will make the difference. Sounds simple? Not so, so jumping the gun now is not advised … read on …

Anyone can make money in this business. That’s why you occasionally get newbies “striking it rich”. What you don’t read is whether this newbie was able to hang on to his profits. The ability to achieve this simple task of hanging on to profits comes from one simple technique … cutting losses early.

But even that too has its difficulties. This difficulty of cutting losses stems from a deeper rooted mindset which comes from a person’s mentality and character. In other words, psychology … something that almost all workshops don’t address. Your trading psychology constitutes 60% to 70% of the battle when you’re in the market. Yet less than 5% of the lessons given in these workshops focuses on this very significant factor. Some even prey on the ignorance of the public.

To make matters worse, these workshops don’t teach enough of the basics. Rather, they gloss over most (if not all) of the important (and sometimes boring) issues and jump straight into their impressive and complicated strategies … something I am totally against. They almost always teach bullish strategies which, in today’s market, won’t work and maybe even be a killer. And while the most successful gurus of the world will advocate “not losing money” … these false gurus preach “make money!!” Attacking the market with the wrong mindset has never made a trader consistent, let alone profitable. I strongly believe in a defensive mindset when one is in the market. Worse of all, there are still gurus out there that teach “traders” how to gamble, rather than trade.

This report, although I agree with every word that was written in there, upsets me because it will invariably affect what I do as a Trading Coach. The general public will classify me as one of such a “get-rich” program. This pisses me off to no end because other unscrupulous and money grubbing “gurus” have gone and spoilt an otherwise beautiful business in which many individuals could have made a decent secondary income. Their selling of dreams and false hopes, using of statistics to their advertising advantage, hyping up the glory and blocking out the ugliness, shameless promotion of self-running and “reliable” softwares … has made what I do, a taboo.

I will press on regardless. There are many who appreciate what I do and want me to continue my crusade. So I will do so.

In fact, I am so serious about this that my prices are being raised with immediate effect. My tutorial will now be the most expensive this country has to offer. While the other “gurus” slash and cut their course material and course fees, I am increasing my syllabus and upping the price. And I will still continue to teach what I do best … Basic Trading.

I believe that the diligent and worthy trader who wants to take this business seriously, will appreciate the value of my Tutorial and will see past all the bulls**ting hype and euphoria of the other options out there. They will pick the best education money can buy. They will have the right mindset to begin with. They would have done their due diligence. They will know what is best. This is the type of person that will make a good and consistent trader. This is the type of trader I want to teach.

And for those who still believe in dreams … I’ll be seeing you when you need my help.

Happy Hunting!

I am Conrad, the Pattern Trader.

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