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Here’s an excerpt of the final part of my new book, “Winning Psychology of Defensive Traders”, so that it gives you something to be motivated by while waiting for its release in January 2014 …

In closing, allow me to share some personal experiences that have seen me through the toughest times of my life and helped me to achieve every success I have today.

It’s called Passion.

When we’re passionate about what we do, we begin enjoying it and when we’re having fun doing what we love, we excel. Passion keeps us motivated and pushes us relentlessly to achieve that level of excellence in whatever we set our minds out to do.

However, passion alone is never going to be enough. The other ingredient for success is Belief.

If passion motivates us, then belief drives us. In believing in ourselves, we are more likely to achieve the goals we set and the dreams we visualise. It is this belief that makes our expectations of our dreams and goals realistic. It drives us to make those expectations real and then drives us beyond those targets.

True success never happens by accident and it is not an entitlement. It certainly is not exclusive if you believe it can happen to you and if you have the passion to earn it.

Plan your goals and make them realistic, measureable and specific. Your plan should have targets and deadlines. It should be based on things that you can do or are learning to do. The plan should not depend or rely on other people and must be something that you have total control over.

Once you’ve mapped out the plan to achieve your goals, begin visualising them by cutting out pictures or visual representations of those goals. Stick or paste them up in places where you frequently look such as your mirror, desktop, refrigerator, etc.

Now you have to make it work. By seeing your goals everyday, you are subconsciously opening up your mind to opportunities. By having planned your goals, you will be drawn to those opportunities to explore the possibilities. This sense of adventure is what will spur your enthusiasm and thus grow your passion. Believing that it is possible to achieve that goal will motivate you to take more action and this will in turn will produce results.

The results may not be exactly what you expected but any result is an achievement in the right direction and it is a small measure of success. The result may sometimes be a failed attempt but failure is only complete when we give up. If we persist and continue to get results, then failure is nothing more than a learning lesson that makes us stronger and wiser. This makes any success thereafter all the more sweeter to savour.

And success breeds more success as each action produces a result.

“Success belongs to those who work at it the hardest and believe in it the longest.”

And it is this success that pushes us to achieve greater things not just for ourselves but for others. Any measure of success means nothing if you are the only one benefitting from it. Success is sweetest when you are doing what you love not just for your own personal gains but so that those you love also can share in the joy of your success.

“Immortality is not about living forever, but about what you’ve done so that you are never forgotten”

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